Manifesting anything comes down to three simple steps:

1. Ask: Get clear on what you want & ask for it.
2. Become: Become the person who is a vibrational match to what you’re asking for.
3. Receive: Receive what you were asking for.

It’s that simple. We’re always shifting & becoming. It’s empowering to create intentions around what direction we’re going in… and if along the way we manifest what we truly desire, why not?

Today, I am sharing my favorite tools for shifting my vibration and manifesting my dream life.
I have organized them around which manifesting step they most correspond to.

But before I do…

I’m going to be transparent in these descriptions. I’m not perfect at using them all the time.
I can have the biggest toolkit in the world, but if I don’t use it, it’s USELESS.
That’s why I think it’s so important to do things like Money Manifestation Month. It’s a COMMITMENT to use our tools to better our life.

Step 1: Ask

Asking for what you want can be the hardest part. Yet… when we do ASK, it’s powerful. We put a shift in motion that has the power to transform our world.
(and fine, I’ll come right out and say it: I *want* you to join me on this journey. It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be transformative. We’re going to manifest so much money together!)
Here are two of my favorite tools:

Tool #1: Flip the Script

Transform what you don’t want into what you do want.
Sometimes I find it difficult to discern what I want. I’m happy to float through life and you know… do & receive “whatever”. This is usually very good for a while, until I float and flow so much I let my practices slip… and then… inevitably I receive this wonderful thing called “Contrast”.
Contrast is an UNWANTED manifestation.
Something you do NOT want showing up.
If I’m aware enough, this can be a GREAT GIFT.
When “la-dee-dah”-ing through life isn’t enough to focus my energy on what I want, contrast is.
The tool?
Flip the script!
Ask for the opposite of the contrast.
I don’t want to not have enough money to invest in that amazing healing program I have my eye on?
I *DO* want to have full empowerment and discernment in what I choose to invest in!
I don’t want to pick fights with my husband over nothing?
I *DO* want to have clear communication with my husband.
I don’t want to have that weird feeling in my lower belly that happens when I don’t drink enough water?
I *DO* want to feel vibrantly healthy all over my body (and drink loads of water).
You get the idea – what scripts do you need to flip?
What ASKS are you needing to make?
Once we flip this, magic happens. We get turned on somehow and start making manifesting magic together with the universe.

Tool #2: What do I want to FEEL?

The single most important question for manifesting
I’m lucky to have manifested enough wonders in my life to know that the manifestation is lovely, but the good feelings don’t last. There’s no sky opening up with angels singing and a declaration of: “that’s it, you’re happy for ever!”. (I swear a part of me was sure this would happen and was massively PISSED when I realized it wouldn’t). Don’t get me wrong, of course it’s nice to get what you want. It can be an absolutely jump for joy, feel completely blissfully happy moment, but then …it passes. And that’s the nature of life.
So – when I realized this (that I was trying to do or get things to get a feeling and that it wasn’t really working), I knew I had a choice:
Choice 1: Keep chasing the next thing, the next manifestation and keep thinking the next one’s going to be the ONE that makes me “happy forever”… These sound like : “If only I lost 12lbs, then I would finally feel confident” or “If only I could make $500 more a month, then I would finally feel secure”
or Choice 2: Cut through the chase go straight for the feeling.
What feeling do I want? Then let go of what that might look like and GO for the feeling. The feeling becomes the ask.
This is simple. It is also absolutely, fundamentally powerful.
This is what fuels the manifestation train.
Lean into the feeling, take actions that make you feel the way you want to feel, receive some pretty sweet manifestations on the way.
-> What do YOU want to feel? <-
Make a list (shorter is better) and ask:
Universe, I would love to feel more __________. Help me feel ______________. Bring me situations that will help me tap into ___________. I am so excited to be bringing more ____________ in my life. I am taking action right now to feel _________________.
P.S. If you *do* have a clear & specific ask, definitely also ask: What would receiving this manifestation feel like? Then focus on amplifying that feeling in your life starting N-O-W.

Step 2: Become

In this step of the manifestation process, we allow ourselves to become the version of us who effortlessly receives what we’re asking for: We think what they think, feel what they feel, do what they do, and most importantly: believe what they believe.

Tool #3: Journaling

Journaling works WONDERS for manifestation. Here are a few very general tips & one specific tool.
General tip (A): Set a time frame & pretend like everything you write during that time IS already true. Approach it with conviction. This is especially useful for affirmations.
General tip (B): Give yourself full permission to be messy and confused and emotional and “low vibe”. Write out all the muck. It’s much better out than in. Once it’s out, it usually can reorganize itself better on the inside.
Specific Journaling Tool: Date your journal entry some day in the future and write out that day as if it’s already happened. As you’re doing this, get into all the good feeling vibes and don’t limit yourself! You can look back from that imaginary day and outline what you’ve done to get there. An example: “It’s November 1st, 2018 and today I welcomed my first group of freaking amazing manifestors into MMM!!! We’re going to be having so much fun and also shifting so much deep stuff. Oh I’m so full of positive anticipation to bring these 13 freaking amazing people through this work. I’m so grateful for all the inspired action I took this last week and a half. I’ve felt great doing it! I’ve loved clearing the weird muck I didn’t even know was there and I feel so free talking about money in public now! I released some shame and my goodness it feels liberating”.
Do you get the idea? It can be a day in the near future or in the far future. The times I’ve done it for the far future and looked back, it’s kind of eerie how much of it comes true. Do not underestimate this.

Tool #4: Personal Peace Procedure with EFT

When we seek to become this next version of ourselves, we need to clear everything in our energy that is counter to this new vibe we are choosing embody. The PPP with EFT is an incredibly effective way to do this clean up. Here’s what you do:
  1. On a piece of paper, you write out everything misaligned with the new version of you: All the feelings, thoughts, actions and beliefs that are broadcasting a different message than the one you want to be sending. Also include events in the past that are relevant.
    (i.e.: Your ask is to easily & effortlessly generate another $500/month for yourself? And you believe: “You have to work really hard for your money”, “This can’t be done”, You think: “I can’t see how”, You feel: “disempowered”, “irritated” and you remember: “Last time I tried, I just made more bills, got really tired and overwhelmed and gave up”)
  2. Next to each of your statements, rate the intensity of the feeling that accompanies it from 0 – 10. 10 is high, 0 is low.
  3. Over the next days and weeks, commit to using EFT on each of these statements until they are all at under a 2/10 of intensity. (If you are new to tapping, I recorded a video with the fundamentals & how to do it here).
  4. As an extra option, once the old belief/thought/memory/feeling is at under a 2, start tapping positive affirmations.
I have done this one many times and it just works to become the more aligned version of yourself.
(Full Instructions will be available in Money Manifestation Month).

Tool #5: Inspired Action

This piece is often forgotten or conveniently ignored when it comes to manifestation.
You do have to take action to really step into your new vibrational reality.
Once you’ve started aligning with the new you on a thinking, feeling, believing level, it will become really exciting to start doing things differently. These actions can be bigger (i.e. Go for a test drive if you want to manifest a new car) or smaller (Take a rose petal bath if you want to manifest a more luscious lifestyle). The more of yourself you put into your new vibrational reality, and that means ACTION, the more it becomes the reality. The action piece helps the energy to ground so that you can also help the manifestation piece ground. The more grounded the vibration, the easier for it to come into a 3-dimensional reality. By doing these actions you’re also teaching your subconscious mind that it is safe to be at the new level of reality. This is important because your subconscious mind will resist what it perceives as dangerous. New = dangerous. You feel an inspiration? Act. Get the wheels in motion.
> What would the NEW YOU do today? <-
Go. Do. It.

Tool #6: Vision Statement

This tool combines most of the others on this list and is designed to keep your energy & subconscious mind on track. You write out the most fully expressed version of who you are becoming: you write out her habits, her feelings, her thoughts, and the new realities in her life. Then, every night and every morning read it to yourself, fully imagining it’s already true. To craft one, imagine what it would be like to be the new you. What have you manifested? What do you feel? Think? Do every day? What do you appreciate? Write it all down. Keep working at it until it generates *good* feelings in you – of excitement, of purpose, of positive anticipation. Because you will be reading this to yourself twice a day, keep it to less than 250 words.
(You will be guided to do this with a meditation in Money Manifestation Month.)

Step 3: Receive

You can become the vibrational match of what you want to receive, but if you’re still pushing it away, you’re still not letting the manifestation complete itself.

Tool #8: Track it

What you focus on expands. Whatever you notice you are receiving, you will receive more of. Receive *everything* that is vibrationally aligned with what you are asking for and write it down. Nothing is too small. Want more money? Track the dime you find on the street.  Track the coffee someone buys you. Track the insurance check. As you track it, the Universe understands: “Ah, this is important to her! I will give her more!”. Every time, receive with gratitude. This can be done with money very easily, but also with the “fuzzier” manifestations. Simply write them all down in a gratitude journal. Want happier kids? Write down (and fully receive) every smile, every cute moment, every satisfied sigh. It will amplify.

Tool #9: Gratitude + Appreciation + Celebration

This is the kind of vibe that is like crack for the Universe. It will bend over backwards to give you more to be grateful for, more to appreciate and more to celebrate.
The tool? Until further notice, celebrate everything.
Even the icky stuff? the unwanted stuff? With the intention of cultivating an attitude of gratitude, you can start seeing the silver lining in anything. There can always be something to be grateful for. You can flip the script on the unwanted and be grateful for a new ask. Or, with a gentleness and kindness, you can go towards the unwanted feelings and hear the wisdom they have to offer. Even in anger, sadness, frustration, jealousy can be a kernel of a gift to appreciate or an awareness to be had.
Final word:
You can use these on ANYTHING you want to manifest…
… and if you want to go beyond just KNOWING them and actually USE them, adding them to your toolkit and manifesting a healthier relationship with your money in the process, you’re invited to come to the Money Manifestation Month.
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