Body like a mountain, Heart like an ocean, Mind like the sky

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Dear you,
I wonder – What do you think of this idea:
“As a culture, we have lost the ability to create big, exciting goals, especially in the realm of BEING. “
Personally, this struck me. Goals? In the realm of BEING? So. Much. YES. I absolutely believe this a new frontier.
We’re used to DOING. We glorify doing.
How many of us wear “busy-ness” as a badge of honor? How much of our satisfaction depends on how much we get done in a day? How many of us use “doing” as a yardstick for our worth?
It’s a paradigm we live in and let’s examine its effects for a moment. Let’s drop in together.
What does accomplishing actually accomplish? 
What does doing actually do?
What does saying yes to everything actually say yes to? 
I can only truly answer for me.
For me, it creates a lot going on, little actually getting done.
It creates a spinning energy, overwhelming feelings, guilt galore, FOMO (fear of missing out), and eventually, a lot of time spent in my head, pulled away from the moment, trying to plan or fix things that haven’t even happened yet.
It keeps me from being present with the people I love, it keeps me from enjoying the simple pleasures of life, it keeps me constantly feeling guilty & believing that I’m not doing enough and ultimately, that I’m not enough.
What is your answer?
What is the energy of becoming a “human doing” for you? What is it costing you?
(I actually would love to hear from you. Comment below to make this conversation two-sided).
 Luckily for us, transitioning from a “doing” paradigm to a “being” paradigm is relatively simple.

All we need to do is PAUSE, to bring our full attention to this moment. Right here, right now.

Simple, as you know, is not necessarily easy.
For me, at times like this, meditation is the BEST thing I can do. However, when my energy is spinning and in busy mode, it’s the last thing I feel like doing. And, when I do drop in, my energy is also spinning and overwhelmed in the meditation.
It takes some willpower to stay put while the mind starts to settle.
In times like these, I like to use a meditation with “guard rails”. This is a meditation with a little bit more structure that can help the busy mind find a point of focus, and your energy something to remember so you can switch states and remember what “being” actually feels like.

If you’re still with me, I want to invite you to do this meditation with me.

Simply sit, take one conscious breath and repeat inside yourself:
(If you prefer the recorded version, you can access that right here).
  1. Body like a mountain

Take this phrase in. Let it shift your posture. What truth does it remind your body of?
… body like a mountain …
Do you feel the solidity of your presence? Your inherent dignity? Can you touch upon the majesty that you are?
Keep breathing with this until you feel ready to move on. Let your body remain like a mountain and now switch to the phrase:
  1. Heart like an ocean

Let your breath flow in and out like the waves in an ocean. Let this breath touch your heart and awaken the energy field around your heart that is like an ocean.
What does that feel like to you?
… heart like an ocean …
The remembrance of our interconnectedness? Currents passing through? A sense of flow? An awareness of having enough space to contain multitudes?
Sit with that a few moments… and bring your attention to:
  1. Mind like the sky

Notice what happens with this phrase. Repeat it a few times in your mind watching for the response in your awareness.
… Mind like the sky …
Does your awareness open up? Is there a sense of spaciousness? A relaxing of the impulses to judge & analyze?
I leave you with that & I encourage you to practice this type of sacred pause a few times through your day.
It’s okay for you to just “be”,
With sincerity,
P.S. Body like a mountain, Heart like an ocean, Mind like the sky. I recorded a LIVE meditation around this. You can access it here.

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