Money Manifestation Month: November 2018

Hey my dear money manifestor,

I’d love to do an experiment with you.

Here we go:

Take a deep breath.
Turn your attention inward.

Now, say the word “money” to yourself.
Take your time. Say it again, and again…and one more time…

What happens in your body? in your emotional field? in your thoughts?

Is it an empowered, joyful, good feeling? Or more of a confused, icky, sinking feeling?

Does it feel like it’s something dirty and wrong, something a spiritual person should maybe not be talking about?
Or like it’s okay to have some, but maybe not more “than you need”?

Just notice for now. There’s nothing to do, nothing to fix It’s just time to have an awareness.

The way we vibrate (think/feel/act) every time money comes into our awareness is a communication with the universe.
Every time we pay for something, reach for our wallet, contemplate buying something… these vibrations are broadcasted and picked up by the universe and it will match it.

We feel empowered and happy and joyful and think easy empowered thoughts? The universe matches those vibrations and gives us reason to keep having the happy, joyful, easy, empowered vibes
—–> Maybe lots of happy money surprises and money to do the thing we really want to do.

We feel icky and unsure, ambivalent and like we rather not think about it? The universe matches that vibration and gives us reason to keep having the icky, unsure, don’t want to think about it vibes
——> Maybe giving you lots of money and then finding ways to also give you a lot of bills so it all disappears again, or money that comes from sources that don’t feel good, or money that disappears juuuuuust at the wrong moment…

We think money is the source of evil, not spiritual and only leads to pain and suffering? The universe matches that vibration and gives us reason to have those beliefs
——-> Maybe never giving us any money at all, or making us sell our souls for a paycheck, or only manifesting a job where we have to compromise our health and relationships.

What is your current money vibration?
Can you see the links with how you feel about money and how it manifests in your life?

The good news is:

We do not have to wait for the OUTSIDE manifestations to change to change our vibration about money.
We can start from the inside.

We can shift how we feel about money to shift what we experience about money.
We feel/think/think abundance – We receive abundance.

Now… the way we’re wired around money runs deep.

We’ve been absorbing beliefs and feelings and thoughts about it since we’re in the womb.
They’re tied with the beliefs about our worth, about how loyal we need to be to our families, to how safe it is for US to have an exchange with life, and so so so so much more.

Shifting our money vibration can be deep, beautiful, glorious healing work with repercussions on all the other levels of our being – our relationships, our self-love, how we communicate, our intuition, our faith in life…

… AND …

Money also is very responsive to the faster, shallower, quicker vibrational work (the kind of exercises that take 10 minutes to implement offers us) … so it’s a place where we can often see results lightning fast.
This combination of light & deep, result-oriented & transformation is my jam and that is why I am offering a one month Money Vibration Healing Container:

It is entirely online, runs for an entire month & starts November 1st.

There will be loads of the quicker & easier money-vibration shifts that will create quick and easy results (this seriously doesn’t have to be hard, nor painful).
There will also be some of the deeper conversations about the energy of money that will create shifts that reverberate into all areas of your life.

You will receive the exercises via e-mail and facebook group and there will be loads of chances to connect with me live, to ask your questions or even to receive some healing.

Are you in? Join here:

& if you choose to join?
Your first homework is to exchange the money with a knowing and visualizing that that money (and more!) is coming right back to you.

Lots of love,
Your partner on this crazy healing journey we’re all on,


P.S. Want to shift your vibration around money? Join a one month healing container for $111.

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