Complementary Healthcare for Chronic Illness

Complementary Healthcare for Chronic Disease at Reiki Montreal

Complementary Healthcare for Chronic Illness

You’re struggling with a chronic dis-ease. You are followed by medical professionals and know what it is you’re up against. Well done.

  • Is it affecting a big part of your life?
  • Have you spent years trying to figure out what it was and now feel like you’ve lost some really good years of your life against your will?
  • Were you forced on a path that you didn’t necessarily choose, being much more dependant on others than you would have liked?
  • Has it impeded your ability to find and choose the right partner?
  • Have your child-bearing years now passed you by?

All that is really difficult. And scary. You’ve been through thick and thin already in this struggle, but… 

You are more than your dis-ease

Despite all this, you also know you ARE not your disease. It may be a big part of your experience right now, but you are so much more. It’s affecting you on many levels of your life – physical, relational, emotional, mental and energetic, but you know it’s not who you are at your core, nor will you let it be.

Right now, you’re well enough to come into my office to continue on your healing journey. (I don’t do house calls unfortunately, if this is something you’d be interested in, click here).

Whether you’re still looking backwards,
in the thick of it with your illness,
or starting to look ahead to your life post-healing,
I’m here for you.

How I support your body in healing itself

I’m here to support your body in healing itself.

Your body knows what it needs and it fully has that capability. We just need to make the conditions right for that to happen.

Making The Conditions Right For Healing:

  • Undoing old emotional and thought patterns that aren’t serving you
  • Investigating what little changes you can make in your life to bring more balance in your energy centres and thus keep healing
  • Teaching you how to remain present despite pain, using mindfulness techniques. This can help you live the pain, but not turn it into suffering.

Receiving Reiki

Reiki is a hands-on energy technique that helps balance the body’s energy field. Chronic dis-ease is often created by repeated patterns that start as energetic, become mental, emotional and then physical. As the Reiki does its work, it’s not uncommon for these patterns to reveal themselves on these levels and also to undo themselves on these levels.

Time To Decide

Time for a decision. Now that you’ve read about how I can help you… make an assessment.Reiki Montreal Packages

  • How much is your health worth to you?
  • What is it costing you?
  • Are you able to work?
  • Work in a job you love?
  • Have the relationships you want and deserve?

Does what I describe sound like it may be helpful for you?

Trust your gut. Trust your intuition. It’s SO important in all the decisions we make in life.
If it’s a “… No… this doesn’t feel quite right…” TRUST THAT. If it’s a “I’m scared… but this feels really right… and it’s weird, but it also makes a lot of sense”, trust that also.
And if it’s a “I don’t know, tell me more”, great!

Click on to learn about all my packages and go deeper into how I can help you.


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