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Your Reiki Journey starts here.

With energy healing, you reconnect to your true self, transform your stuckness into growth, heal yourself and heal the world.

This is true whether you become a healing channel through becoming a reiki practitioner, or you focus on receiving support on your own healing journey.

Covid update: I am not seeing clients or teaching classes in person until further notice. I do have offers online. Stay up to date on the newsletter here.

Reiki Courses

Let your inner healer emerge!
Reiki I, Reiki II & Reiki III are all offered.
Classes are small (3-6 people) and held in Nun’s Island.
Learn more.

Energy Healing Sessions

Using a meditative process, Reiki and other energy healing tools, we create the inner environment required to release your energy blocks. The result? More freedom, acceptance & peace. First sessions 90 minutes.  Learn more.

Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki is a gentle healing technique that brings back energetic balance. It works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. First sessions 75 minutes. Learn more.

Hi, I’m Inge,

and I’m your girl if you’re on the spiritual path and you’re needing a little support right now. Together, we’ll hold what’s painful and stuck for you in loving awareness so that it can dissolve. When it does, you’ll feel lighter, happier and more connected. You’ll feel like your wild & beautiful self again.

I believe that a society with individuals who can navigate inner conflict and hold themselves in loving awareness is one that will rise up to the challenges of our day. World peace starts with inner peace. Join the revolution?

Let’s work together. We can start by settomg up a time to talk to find out how I can best support you (Whether you’re feeling stuck, are wanting to grow spiritually or are ready to claim your healing gifts!). We’ll take 30-minutes and it’ll be totally pressure free.

Are you actually looking for guidance to self-heal right now? Or NOT actually in Montreal? I’ve got you covered for both. Click here to explore IngeBroer.com

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