Working With Me

Working with Inge Broer at Reiki Montreal

What’s it like working with me?

I see it as my job to hold a higher vision for yourself. I see it as my job to connect you to your soul’s journey. It’s my job to help you connect the pieces so that you can heal.

How do I go about this? Well there are certain techniques I use, you can read up on here.

But on the personality level, who am I? What’s it like working with me? Great questions.

First of all, I’m a pretty happy and positive person. I like to laugh (but never at anyone’s expense!) and there’s nothing I can’t find a silver lining to. Be warned! It’s a super power I have.

I highly value my work and take it very seriously, but that don’t bring in humor once in a while. I am generally very gentle in my interactions. I am often seen as reassuring and welcoming and safe to be around.

That being said, it’s my job to hold a higher vision for you, remember?

I will:

It means I will ask you to step outside of your comfort zone. 
I will ask you questions.
I will challenge you to get in touch with your body, with the uncomfortable parts of yourself.
I will ask you to imagine a life different from the one you have now.
I will give you suggestions for exercises.
I will demand you dig deeper.
I will hold the space for you to grow and to heal. 

You can see me as a guide, someone to facilitate your growth, ask you questions, to offer a new perspective, to send you energy.
In short, you can see me as a partner on the healing and spiritual journeys.

I will not:

I will not tell you what to think.
I will not tell you what to do.
I will not make decisions for you.
I will not feel in your stead.
I cannot heal in your stead.

You’re in the drivers’ seat. It’s your healing. Your responsibility. Use me to facilitate your growth, to bounce ideas off, to provide you the space for your healing. You will get as much out of this as you put in.

Inge Broer, Therapist at Reiki MontrealIn summary:

Working with me involves digging deep, some serious emotional processing and let’s face it: occasionally a whole lot of tears, but I don’t stop there. To me it’s important that you’re always able to crack a smile at the end of a session, no matter how hard it was.

And ultimately, my deep commitment is to help you emerge on the other side: Much, much lighter than before and with a big deep smile that starts from your soul and radiates out until it touches everyone around you.

Hear it from my clients:

“…I wholeheartedly recommend Inge for any first-timers (like I was). She is very explanatory and accommodating, …” – Noemi Stern
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“…I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Inge. She is both very professional and in tune with my energy. I really appreciated her feedback and found my session very relaxing and insightful. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a first experience in Reiki. I would equally recommend further sessions with her as she is really passionate and knowledgeable…” – Jean-Philippe Côté
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I highly recommend Inge as a therapist for everyone who is curious to give Reiki a try. She is a lovely, considerate and inspiring person that will make you enjoy the experience…” – Inga Knoth
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“…you can feel that she is a very caring, attentive and present therapist…Inge is a wonderful, caring soul that I would highly recommend to anyone…” – Kristina Foley
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” My therapist (Inge) was easily able to make me comfortable: she explained everything and it seemed to me we were working as a team towards my healing. Her approach was accessible and the fact that she has a scientific background really brings a complete vision of each unique human. I highly recommend a session with her! ” – Laurence D.

The connection of trust with your therapist is 100% important.
Do your research and trust your instincts.

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