Testimonials for Reiki Montreal


I have been so blessed to work so many really amazing people. Here are some of their words:
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Meeting Inge has been an incredible journey! And with every session we made space for peace and joy to come back into my life. The whole process has been an amazing experience, revealing things about myself, that gave me now a new set of “tools” to transform myself and live my life. Read More





Chaque séance me permettait de parler avec elle de tout ce qui me pesait sur le dos au moment-même afin de me sentir plus légère , et je ne peux expliquer le bien-être qui s’emparait de moi après la pratique du Reiki. C’est certain que mes problèmes sont toujours présents mais je ne les voit plus vraiment comme des obstacles mais comme des passages de la vie qui sont utiles à notre développement personnel… Read More




I left the session feeling whole, at one with my body. All in all, a very good experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Inge for any first-timers (like I was)…Read More





She helped me greatly when she told me that I was concentrating my energy in my head, something that might be contributing to my insomnia. She gave me a tip that helped me relax my body and fall asleep more easily. I have to say the technique sounded familiar. … Read More




I had been contemplating the idea of reiki for a while. I have had the blessing of knowing Inge and have had the good fortune of experiencing reiki with her. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Inge. She is both very professional and in tune with my energy… Read More




J’étais hésitante à essayer le Reiki, je ne savais pas trop en quoi ca consistait. Par contre, lorsque je suis ressortie de la séance, j’avais un outil précieux qui m’a permis de me défaire d’un poids dans ma vie…. Read More




Before she started the session, Inge welcomed me warmly and explained me the origin and the mode of action of reiki. The atmosphere was pleasant and calm. Inge answered my questions about reiki in detail and addressed my doubts and concerns, so that I could start the session reassured and open-minded. The session itself was very relaxing and pleasant…. Read More





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