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FAQ at Reiki Montreal

“What Is Reiki?”

Reiki is a hands-on energy technique where we transfer the universal energy to your body. Reiki brings physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. It helps you feel relaxed and brings a deep sense of inner peace. You can find a more in-depth description of what Reiki is here. Although we do usually incorporate Reiki into all of our sessions, I use a host of other energy techniques. Read about them here.

 “How Much Is A Session?”

Because I work with more energy modalities than Reiki, my prices are slightly higher than the industry standard for Reiki. I most prefer working in blocks of sessions to ensure you get the best service possible, so packages are the most advantageous price-wise. Find out which one is right for you here if you’re struggling with chronic illness, here if you’re feeling stuck, and here if you’re looking to grow further on your spiritual journey. A stand-alone session will be $85 for a regular session (1h) and $115 for a premium session (1.5-2h). We also offer insurance receipts for naturotherapy, which most other reiki therapists are not able to provide.

“Do I Have To Undress To Receive Energy?”

No. Energy travels through clothes just fine. You stay fully clothed during a session. Only items that impair your comfort while lying down should be removed (e.g. a tight belt or glasses).

“Which package is right for me?”

Not sure? No problem. Book an FREE introductory session with me. We’ll take 30 minute to discuss your situation and how I can best support you in your healing.

“Can I Practice Reiki On Myself?”

You need to be initiated to practice Reiki. I give Reiki Courses that teach you how to use Reiki to heal yourself. However, putting your own hands on problem areas will help balance that area and provide healing. I often send you home with energy healing techniques you can practice on yourself after every session.

“Is The Whole Session Reiki?”

It isn’t. We weave in a host of energy techniques. We follow the needs of the client at the present moment and use the appropriate techniques. We do usually keep the last portion of the session for reiki. It is a technique that sends energy equally to the whole energy body. The energy then moves as it needs to to bring healing to you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It can sometimes provide some insight into where healing is needed and produce very occasional discomfort. Most often, however, it is a fantastic way to end a session and often helps you relax.

 “Do you give Reiki Courses?”

Yes, I do! Check out everything here.

“Do I Have To Talk About My Problems?”

Absolutely not. We tailor this session to your needs. If you do not wish to speak about your problems, we can do the entire session doing visualizations, chakra balancing and reiki. Because we are working with energy, what you say about your problems is only a small piece of the puzzle. Please let us know your preferences at the start of a session.

If You Have Any Other Questions About Me, Reiki, Reiki Montreal or What I Can Do For You, Do Not Hesitate To Call Me To Ask! 514-360-3387

If it’s a longer series of questions, set up a free introductory session! 

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