My Healing Philosophy

Healing Philosophy at Reiki Montreal

Helping you Heal Yourself

First and foremost I see my job not to heal you, but to help you heal yourself.

Your body is perfectly capable of doing that. It knows what it needs. The difficult part is listening.

When the right switches flip, the body eradicates infection, heals chronic pain and rebuilds worn out tissue.

What Impacts Your Health?

The way I see it, the body has an amazing communication system within itself. Beliefs and thoughts and emotions and sensations are all intertwined to create health or dis-ease in your cells. Your nervous system and endocrine system communicate with each little cell, allowing them to thrive (or whither away…).

This means that  every attitude, every little thought, every emotion, every movement is creating your body like it is right now.

It may be creating health or dis-ease.
(Side note: Positive thoughts are actually much more powerful than negative ones so don’t beat yourself up if you’re not Sunshine all the time. Negativity can in fact be very healthy when it’s used appropriately).Reiki Montreal - Chakras

Specifically, how you think and feel and act around:

  • Your finances impact your health (Chakra 1).
  • Your sexuality impacts your health (Chakra 2).
  • Your sense of control impacts your health (Chakra 3).
  • Your relationships impact your health (Chakra 4)
  • Your ability to communicate or not impacts your health (Chakra 5)
  • Your perceptions impact your health (Chakra 6)
  • Your faith (or lack thereof) impact your health (Chakra 7)
  • As well as everything else in your life :).

Relaxation and Stress Responses.

In a way the body is simple. It can be either working on healing, or it can be working on surviving.

What we want to do is integrate all the pieces of you that create the stress response, to allow you to relax around them. To me, this is what healing means.

Have you sequestered the part of you that deals with money/sexuality/control/relationships/emotions/…? Having judged that you suck at it and that someone else should do that for you? Have you given your power away?

Working to reclaim those parts of yourself will help balance your chakras, move stuck energy and allow your body to bring the nutrients it needs to repair itself.

Energy work is wholistic. Everything impacts your health. Your health impacts everything. Separateness is an illusion, everything is energy, everything is information that gets eventually manifest in the physical body.

With a good dose of awareness, a healthy scoop of acceptance and the desire to make our self-care a priority, we can heal much of what ails us.

Am I the right person to assist you on your healing journey?

The connection of trust with your therapist is 100% important.
Do the research and trust your instincts.

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