Finding the flow when you’re stuck

Getting Unstuck at Reiki Montreal

Acceptance. Love. Peace. Balance. Flow. Healing.
It’s all right there within you. Let’s bring it out and make it shine.

But… you’re stuck right now.

It feels frustrating. Annoying. You’ve been stuck for too long now.

You keep circling back to the same place, hitting the same wall and repeating the same patterns.

You just can’t seem to decide what you want, can’t move on from that bad relationship… or… well… can’t ever feel happy and relaxed.

And if you’re honest with yourself for a few seconds, it feels downright AWFUL.

You’re 100% in the right place.

It’s important you know it’s possible to get your flow back.

You know, that flow that is so uniquely you. That flow that tastes so good because you feel free, vibrant & alive?

It’s the flow that comes from breaking out of the old patterns that are keeping you stuck. It comes from listening to the whispers inside. It shows up when your energy system is balanced.

Does that sound good?

Here’s how we will get you back into your flow

1. I’ll help you ease and relax the parts within you that are stuck.

Using a meditative technique, I’ll guide you in a gentle conversation with the parts of you that are stuck. We will explore what’s keeping them stuck, what they want from you and what they need.

2. I’ll help balance your energy with Reiki.

Using Reiki, I will facilitate an energy exchange between you and the universe that will allow your energy to completely balance itself. Your chakras will balance. Your energy will release what it no longer needs to hold on to. This is typically a deeply relaxing experience, and really helps to reestablish flow in places where stuck energy has accumulated.

3. Keep the healing going at home with homework based on my expertise in chakra balancing.

I will translate where you’re stuck in chakra terms, which will help for you to work on that chakra in other ways to help you stay unstuck.


Time for a decision.

Now that you’ve read about how I can help you, make a little assessment.

  • Are you actually stuck? Or maybe just looking for some growth?
  • How stuck?
  • How much is it costing you to stay stuck right now?
    That creative idea, that decision you’ve been on the fence about for way too long, that burning desire to change jobs or to ask for a raise…
  • What is staying stuck costing you financially?
  • What about in your relationships?
    What is staying stuck on your ex costing you?
    What about you not leaving your dysfunctional relationship?
  • Is it costing you anything in terms of your health?
    (Stuck emotion has a tendency to manifest physically after a long period of time…I think you intuitively know this…).

Does what I describe sound like it will help you?

Trust your gut. Trust your intuition. It’s SO important in all the decisions we make in life. If it’s a “… No… this doesn’t feel quite right…” TRUST THAT. If it’s a “I’m scared… but this feels really right… and it’s weird, but it also makes a lot of sense. I’m fed up of being stuck”, trust that also. And if it’s a “I don’t know, but tell me more”, great!

Your next step is to set up an exploratory call with me. Click here to do so. There is no pressure. It’s free. 

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