Reiki Montreal Testimonial From Inga Knoth

Reiki Montreal Testimonial - Inga KnothMy reiki session with Inge was my first experience with energy therapy. I had heard of it before, but I never really knew what it was all about. So I entered the session curious, but also sceptical, since I had my doubts concerning alternative methods that might be regarded as ‘esoterical’. Before she started the session, Inge welcomed me warmly and explained me the origin and the mode of action of reiki. The atmosphere was pleasant and calm. Inge answered my questions about reiki in detail and addressed my doubts and concerns, so that I could start the session reassured and open-minded.
The session itself was very relaxing and pleasant. Even though I was not sure if a therapy without physical contact could be helpful, I was able to feel the energy and enjoy Inge’s attention towards me and my body. My thoughts and worries passed by and I reached a pleasant level of relaxation. Afterwards I felt refreshed and light, full of positive energy and eager to face my day. After the session, we discussed the experience and Inge gave me some valuable tips how to reach relaxation in my everyday life. 
I highly recommend Inge as therapist for everyone who is curious to give Reiki a try. She is a lovely, considerate and inspiring person that will make you enjoy the experience. I would definitely do it again.

– Inga Knoth

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