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testimonial: “A deeply relaxing experience”

I signed up for 5 weekly sessions of Reiki – this proved to be an excellent experience and one I thoroughly recommend. Inge provides safe, sensitive and stimulating service and helped me much at a crucial point in my life.   Stress, work-pressures, fatigue, and more stresses and fatigue had been subtly building in my […]

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Testimonial for Reiki Montreal

“Je sens mon corps respirer, je me sens solide…”

Dès la première rencontre avec Inge, j’ai eu l’impression d’être en présence de quelqu’un d’extra-ordinaire de par son énergie. Ensuite j’ai été impressionné par sa sensibilité et la maitrise dont elle fait preuve dans l’application de son art – Ses compétences dépassent le Reiki. Somme toute, les differences perceptibles pour moi après nos séances : je sens mon […]

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Testimonial from Jessica

Testimonial: “I learned how to meditate, …”

Inge helped me a lot over the seven weeks of sessions. We explored the body, listening to the body, acknowledging its existence and learning how to ask question and answers from your body through meditation. I learned how to meditate, how to calm my mind and being more aware of my actions and its consequences. […]

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Testimonial: “Impacted my life tremendously”

“Inge is great to work with. She has an authentic positive vibe and her environment makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. After every session I felt a significant change in energy that impacted my life tremendously. She provides tools to contribute to your energy in daily life outside of reiki sessions. Inge is very inspiring […]

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