testimonial: “A deeply relaxing experience”

findlay  badge photo 201xI signed up for 5 weekly sessions of Reiki – this proved to be an excellent experience and one I thoroughly recommend. Inge provides safe, sensitive and stimulating service and helped me much at a crucial point in my life.  
Stress, work-pressures, fatigue, and more stresses and fatigue had been subtly building in my life. I was also dealing several large life-choices including moving.  My energy and stamina were dissipating faster than they ought – I was tiring quickly as was my ability to cope. I knew I was over-committed and approaching burn-out.
My personal meditation was not sufficiently effective.
With Inge, we used both energy and meditative work. Inge provided a safe, trusting and honest space where physical, mental or emotional stresses were gently identified and managed.
For me, the fatigue was of immediate concern – though subtler issues were later addressed. The combination of techniques proved very effective – I immediately sensed the energy Inge channeled into my body and aura– sometimes localized around the chakras or parts of the body; sometimes in flowing as waves over my body.  This was a deeply relaxing experience.
More subtle, the direct feedback provided by Inge when meditating proved immensely powerful and affirming. My thoughts, feelings and visions changed in real-time as we worked through the meditation.  Inge was able to sense the changes occur as blockages or energy-flows were worked on – I similarly sensed my aura or vision change in feel and color through this work, or  suddenly the subtle change in my body as energy began to flow or  stress centre dissolved  – an extraordinary experience and self-affirming.  
This was a 5-week process for me – one that helped me through an important time – and to be more grounded. Importantly it helped me care and connect again and I be less hard on myself.
I am grateful to Inge for the work we have done. Thank you.
– Findlay
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