When you learn Reiki: Stuckness becomes movement

Lesson from Reiki - Love your movementsTo be honest, I don’t think I can count all the things I learned from Reiki (learning it, practicing it, teaching it). I just can’t. There’s too much. Frankly, I imagine all the amazing people who learn reiki might face the same impossibility.

But here’s an attempt for today:

Reiki teaches us the wisdom in the movements of the soul.

The energy naturally moves, flows, radiates, plays, cajoles, teases, …
or sometimes… the energy (feels) stuck, stagnant, immutable, blocked.

Yet, if we observe with loving attention long enough, and stay grounded & open long enough, we see that there is movement in the stuckness too.

There’s desire, there’s hope, there’s fear, there’s anger, there’s wisdom, there’s joy… it’s often all there in the “stuck” energy.

And we fight & fight & fight. We make one energy wrong and the other right, one type of movement “good” and another “bad”, we make stories of why we can’t. We create standstills in ourselves. We create stuckness.
And in that stuckness… is just energy.

It’s not bad. It’s not good. It’s not particularly anything.
Uncomfortable? sure. Confronting? perhaps. Enlivening? likely.

Just energy. Moving. Transforming. Changing. Flowing.

Big movements, tiny movements…

I invite you to experiment with this idea.
Look for the movement somewhere where you feel stuck.
It can be an energy in your body that feels stuck. It can be an area in your life that feels stuck. It can be a thought that feels stuck.

Watch it. With loving eyes. Until you notice a movement.

It may be tiny, but it’s  there. In fact, I bet you a free call with me that there IS movement :p.

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