Everything is Energy

“Everything is Energy” . 

Have you heard that before… what does it mean?

It means that everything we touch, smell, taste, see, and hear is vibration. It’s dancing particles, containing worlds of information. Each dance is unique, telling the story of a gust of wind, of a pollinating bee, of thousands of generations of flowers growing and dying… All that information is embedded in the microcosm of a flower.

Same goes for the energy of a thought…

  • containing within it a history of personal pain and learning…
  • surrounded by other harmonious or conflicting thoughts…
  • inserted in a world of metaphor and personal truth…
  • supported by a bed of underlying emotion…
  • driven by intention…
  • expressed through words or action…
  • embedded in a culture…

… all of that in a *single thought*

Looking at everything as energy means looking at things without separation. Just vibrating particles.

Looking at the world this way leads to questions.

What would happen if we paid attention to the energy embedded in each word, each look, each thought? What would happen if we deepened our attention?

Since the end of 2016 I’ve been practicing watching currents of energy on the global stage. Energies of fear, anger, misogyny, racism, projection and mismanaged emotion… And also energies of love, compassion, goodness, communication, openness, courage, and standing up for what one feels is right…

These energy currents are playing out on the world stage. They are the result of an amplification of the energy playing out in every person in every moment. There is collective energy intermingling with personal energy. And personal energy manifesting in collective energy.

When we realize that everything we’re witnessing we are somehow a match to on the inside, it leads to questions like:  “How am I contributing to the energy I see projected onto the world stage right now?“ and ”What is the opportunity here for me to heal?”

On my end, witnessing what came to light throughout the american elections of 2016, I forced myself to look at the fear, anger, mismanaged emotion within myself. I met my inner misogynist. I made myself look at how racism and stereotyping operate within my system. I became aware how I am when I’m disconnected & projecting.

I worked those layers. I worked on healing my relationships with (powerful) women. I worked on connecting with myself even more strongly and committing to teaching emotional maturity.

When you look at energy this way and you realize that everything is connected, you begin to see that whatever resonates or strikes a chord within us (or triggers us) can be helped to heal THROUGH us.

Your triggers are gifts. You’re being shown a place within you that’s uncomfortable and irritating. You can work on that place to further the healing in the world.

What are the strands of the collective energy that strike a particular cord with you? What is the invitation for you to heal?

I believe if you are here, you’re being called to heal yourself, and through doing so, to heal a portion of the collective. Thank you for doing so!

Now to integrate:

What changes when you look at the world through the lens of “Everything is Energy?”

  • It’s never really personal. It’s just energies being expressed through us.
  • Our healing matters. Learning to let energy flow more fluidly through us, with peace & love, benefits the world at large.
  • If you’re triggered or challenged, there’s an opportunity to heal a personal (and collective) pattern. You then become an example of how energy can flow in an unencumbered way. Consciously or unconsciously you become an example/teacher for other energies to do the same.
  • Whether you approach healing a pattern on a physical, emotional, mental, behavioral or energetic level, you’re working it and you’re helping it.
  • Everything around you has messages for you. You just need to remember to look. A butterfly sticking on your glasses might be Energy telling you to transform the way you look at things. (This happened to me on the way to a meditation retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and that’s exactly what happened: I transformed how I was looking at things).

Tell me how these land and what the IMPLICATIONS are for you?!

And what are the APPLICATIONS for you? What becomes important?

  • Your self-care?
  • Gathering the courage to do that thing?
  • Doing something kind?
  • Pulling yourself out of a victim mentality and rolling up your sleeves to do your healing work?
  • Standing up for what you believe in and backing it up with some action?
  • Taking that class you’ve been hesitating to take?
  • Finally making the art?

Once you start looking at the world around us in this way, you can start to take responsibility for the energy you bring to the room. And you can start to help raise the vibration for all of us.

Let us know in the comments what your a-has were reading this post.

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P.S. A special thank you to Colette van Haaren for making this blog out of different facebook posts from the group Empaths with Big Dreams.


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