How to let what triggers you grow you

Life is the best personal growth school. Relationships are like a masterclass!
This week we’re exploring the mirrors that are other people.
People can trigger the S#!t out of us and that’s why they’re amazing portals for us to do our inner work.
  1. Don’t take it personally.
    How people do one thing is how they do ALL things. It’s not specific to you.
  2. Acknowledge you’re triggered.
    That might mean you’re reacting really strongly to something that seems really small.
    For example: When my mom would come into my room and ask: “would you like some tea” and I would yell at the top of my lungs “NOOOOOO GET OUUUUUUUT” #teenagersarenuts. I wasn’t reacting to the tea, I was reacting to my perception of her coming into my space.
  3. Leave the other person out of it for now & go within. Do your inner work.
    A few favorites: What am I ACTUALLY reacting to? What am I needing that I’m not getting? What is this really about for me? Am I judging something in them that I don’t allow in me?
  4. Integrate the wisdom you’ve received from your inquiries.
    Give yourself what you need, forgive yourself for the judgments, etc.
  5. Find some gratitude for the person who was a portal into these gifts.
  6. If needed, return to the situation an expanded version of yourself that can handle the trigger.
On a lighter note:
The qualities in others and our admiration are also triggers for us to look at those qualities in US! Because they exist!
Tell us: What’s a quality you admire in others?!
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