I believe in “I don’t know”

I believe in the dark places. I believe in the NOT knowing. I believe in questions being infinitely more powerful than answers.
I believe that when we become more comfortable in the dark, that’s when our souls become more expressed, our gifts more embodied & our lives more bright.
I believe that when we bring light to the dark caves of our subconscious we turn monsters into friends, shadows into gifts & fear into love.

That’s why my sole (soul) aim is to help you become comfortable in the dark.
I sit with you there. I offer my presence. I offer my understanding of how the world of the dark works. I offer my toolkit.
That’s it. I teach you to sit in the dark and love yourself there so the light and the love can grow.

I’d love to know:

What’s one thing that felt really shadowy for you that is one of your greatest gifts?!




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