There is a place…

There is a place…
… a place beyond “I, me, my, mine”…

  •  a place where we don’t need to guard our “selves” so fiercely, because there is no “self” to guard.
  •  a place where we don’t need to take on someone’s suffering to walk with them on their path.
  •  a place where the need to obsessively check facebook, feast on chocolate or reach for that next cigarette gently crests & falls away.
  •  a place where thoughts aren’t screeching in a frenzied panic, but rather float on by on the background.
  •  a place where the stories we tell about ourselves don’t matter and we connect to a larger truth of who we are.
  •  a place where the moment is all there is and distraction and worry and rumination fall away.

Do you know this place? Have you been here?

I bet you have, at one moment or another.
This place exists in all of us, and is available to all of us.

It happens when we let go of fitting all our experiences into a coherent story. It occurs when we let go of all the “I am XYZ”, “I must get X”, “This is important for ME”, “I need to get ahead”, “I am better/worse than Y”, “I must protect myself”, etc. thinking that bounds us into a “small self”, into something that fits into a somewhat coherent story.

In the brain, that looks like the Posterior Cingulate Cortex (PCC) calming down. This area correlates with self-referential thinking and when it fires less, we get to the place I described above. (Reference: Judson Brewer’s “Craving Mind“)

The beautiful thing is: Our brain is malleableWith the right practices, we get to start deciding how it fires!!!

With the right practices, we can calm down the PCC and create strong, clear pathways to this place.

One of these practices is meditation. More and more studies are showing this.

Meditation has been a part of my life for 9 years now and I have a burning desire to start teaching this in a committed, clear & effective way.
If all goes well, I will be taking training this August to learn how to do just that. Would you potentially be interested to embark on a learning journey with me this fall?
If so, I would love to know: Where are you on your meditation journey? Is it something you already do? Something you do in a committed way? Something you’d like to do? Or are you in a place that sounds more like: “oh, I can’t do that, my mind is too all over the place”? ❤️ I would seriously love to hear where you’re at. Comment below?

Another practice that gets us to this place (I am SURE of it, even if there are no studies on this), is reiki.

Reiki puts us in touch with a universal, loving energy that moves through us to wake up our bodies natural ability to heal. 
When you work with this on the regular, your stories start falling away & your perspective undergoes a fundamental shift, away from ego & into the soul. The extra beauty of reiki, is that this is something you get to share with your loved ones as of the first level.
and this, I AM teaching right now, so if you would like to become better at getting to this place and even potentially take others there, I invite you to take a serious look at the reiki page and get in touch if you’re ready to start or continue your reiki journey 

with me.  

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