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Reiki, the chakras, mindfulness and visualization are subjects of endless interest to me.
I try to share that passion with you right here by sharing everything I know about them here.

Everything is energy

Everything is Energy

“Everything is Energy” .  Have you heard that before… what does it mean? It means that everything we touch, smell, taste, see, and hear is vibration. It’s dancing particles, containing worlds of information. Each dance is unique, telling the story of a gust of wind, of a pollinating bee, of thousands of generations of flowers […]

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How to let what triggers you grow you

Life is the best personal growth school. Relationships are like a masterclass! This week we’re exploring the mirrors that are other people. People can trigger the S#!t out of us and that’s why they’re amazing portals for us to do our inner work. Don’t take it personally. How people do one thing is how they […]

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Holding Space: 5 tips

How to hold space: 5 tips.

Holding space is one of the core elements of everything I do and teach. As an energy healer, this may be the single most effective and important tool in supporting someone to heal. In this blog, you will find: What holding space is What’s happening energetically when we hold space 5 tips to get better […]

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The 7 Chakras

  A quick note from Inge before we get into the juicy material of the chakras: I’m on a mission to help personal growth enthusiasts learn about the power of the chakras. Here, you’ll learn the basics. You’ll learn what the chakras are, how many there are, what they’re related to and what theme each […]

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Books That Changed My Life

These are the books and authors that have changed my life and shaped me as a human being. They have either led to incredibly deep insight, shown me what’s possible or simply MOVED me in a big way. There are so, so, so many other books I have read, but these are the ones that […]

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42ways to get unstuck

42 Ways To Get Unstuck and Reconnect With Yourself Instead

You know that feeling when you just keep turning round and round? The thoughts are whirling through your head and it feels like you’re really busy, but really, you’re just standing still? Stuck in thoughts and emotions that are going round in circles? Endless analyses and the same emotions coming back over and over? It’s […]

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what do you want

How To Know What You Really Want

“What do you want?” It’s a powerful question. Like, really powerful. Because when you’re clear on what you want, you own what you want, and you feel good about what you want…There’s NOTHING stopping you. Seriously nothing. Not even a herd of rhinos charging at you (not sure why they would, but hey!). There’s such […]

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When things suck

What I do when things suck.

A while back a delightful person asked me: “Inge, what do YOU do when things just suck?” Here was my response. “The honest truth? I don’t do anything. Sometimes a day sucks and my mind sucks and it all sucks and that’s all there is to it. Sometimes that’s just the vibe I need to be […]

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money heart

11 Money Mindset Shifts To Shift Your Money Reality

Money is (or at least can be) a triggering subject. When I first learned that you could work on your money mindset, I was both intrigued and repulsed. The repulsion won for a long time: I was young. And curious. And spiritually inclined. (I still am!) And: money didn’t matter! I just wanted to learn, […]

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Reiki Montreal Goals Fail

3 Goal-Setting Mistakes That Keep You From Shining

Ever wonder why people give up on their goals by January 21st? The 3 mistakes you’re making that are setting you up for failure: Book your FREE 30-minute conversation to uncover this. Book Now # 1: You’re setting goals that aren’t in alignment with who you are and what you really want. Should goals. URGH. Please. Stop doing this […]

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