What I do when things suck.

A while back a delightful person asked me:

When things suck“Inge, what do YOU do when things just suck?”

Here was my response.

“The honest truth?

I don’t do anything. Sometimes a day sucks and my mind sucks and it all sucks and that’s all there is to it. Sometimes that’s just the vibe I need to be in.
What I’ve gotten better at in the last few years with this is: not fighting it as hard. My issues come back. Time after time.
Especially when I finally have some time to rest.
I’ve listened to a lot of Abraham Hicks the last few months, and they talk about a really weird analogy…

Basically: when you have a day like that, and the momentum is all off, it’s like falling out of an airplane where the ground is when you finally get to go to bed… so the less resistance you put up, the quicker you get to reset. Ok. Tht can’t be the analogy it’s too weird.
Basically the point: Start over the next day.

When I’m present enough (and quite honestly: FED UP enough), I’ll prepare in the evening for the next morning. Create a little routine for myself in the morning. I personally like to start my day with meditation, yoga, glasses of water and a good breakfast. Usually when I start the day off right, the day goes right.

But sometimes I get stuck in something for days. Weeks. Until I get fed up. Then I decide to do something about it (finally some practical advice haha).

I like to do any of the following:

Write it all out.

Put a timer for 45 minutes and go. Rip the page a new one with all my funky yucky. Complain. Feel sorry for myself. ON THE PAGE. Usually quite quickly it shifts the energy and your natural positive brain comes back online.


Move my body to the rhythm of my mood. Often that results in some really embarrassing air punching and grunting. I try to make sure nobody witnesses me in these moments! Here too, the energy quickly shifts and soon I want a different type of music, with different kind of movement.

Listen to myself by readjusting my five core attitudes.

I’ve become keenly aware that whenever I’m stuck, I’m refusing to listen to what’s going on inside. When I do that, it’s because I’m lacking one of five attitudes. I would love to teach you this process. Click here to gain access to the mini-course..

Yoga. Just 15 minutes. Very low energy yoga. I have this app I like and there’s the “beginner yoga for relaxation” track I like. Occasionally, I’ll tap into my body enough that there’s vibration there. Sometimes that becomes a good cry, sometimes no.

Meditation. 10 minutes is often enough. Simply watching my breath go in and out and making sure my attention keeps coming back there. Often this is enough.

Self-Reiki. Also very helpful. Can shift the energy very quickly.

Telling my boyfriend what’s going on. *Caveat* This used to make things worse. I don’t know how we did it, but that’s different now. He’s not taking it personally, he knows my crazy, … and he’s able to make fun of me a little or relate or simply listen.

Telling my sister what’s going on. She’s a good listener and always has good stories of her own to relate and … well… to be a sister really! It helps take the pressure off.

Telling my coach what’s going on by text (usually when my bf is useless, Sorry Sean :P). She’ll occasionally have a phone chat with me to move me out of whatever it is I’m stuck in (feel free to do this!)

Telling my reiki teacher what’s going on by e-mail. Usually these are more specific questions around energy work, but sometimes writing her a long e-mail about what I’m going through helps me move through it (even without a response). This is good when writing for myself wasn’t helpful completely. Somehow knowing someone’ll read with a neutral eye and an interesting perspective is helpful too. (feel free to do this as well!)

Other strategies: Getting out of the house and going for a walk, going for a run, …

The short version:

#1 – Doing anything else will shift it. But sometimes we don’t need to shift it. We need to be in it. And that’s totally OK too.

#2 – If I’m stuck, I’m stuck in 1/5 attitudes. Find out what they are and how to use them here. I’ll guide you through the process.

If you need that interpersonal support right now and don’t have it, don’t hesitate to book a 30-min FREE discovery session with me. We might be able to move you through whatever is going on.


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