3 Goal-Setting Mistakes That Keep You From Shining

Ever wonder why people give up on their goals by January 21st?

The 3 mistakes you’re making that are setting you up for failure:

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# 1: You’re setting goals that aren’t in alignment with who you are and what you really want.

Should goals. URGH. Please. Stop doing this to yourself! You are incredibly wonderful just the way you are. It’s OK for you to trust what you actually want and go for that!

# 2: You’re trying to reprogram yourself on conflicting programming.

You can’t bake a cake in the bowl with left over spaghetti. It’s just gonna be GROSS. Don’t do that. Yet, when we set goals or try to set a new habit that’s consistently what we do. So first: we need to set the table, do the dishes, unweed the garden.

One way of going about this is to affirm the thing you want: “I Have 1 million dollars sitting in my bank account”. Then identify all the “negative talk”. Resist pushing it away. Instead, embrace it. These are the weeds. The remains of the spaghetti in the bowl. You can’t just ignore them and hope they disappear. They’ll just multiply and fester.

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#3: You’re taking the resistance you’re facing as a BAD sign.

What this means is something you’d never have thought: Resistance is a sign that your goals are coming into reality! Yup. Celebrate resistance. What you’re doing is changing you. You’re changing it. You’re bringing it closer to reality.

In short here’s what happens:

You go from one state of vibration to another. (That’s the point: You’re trying to change something). Your cells are uncomfortable. They want to remain the same. Homeostasis. Yaknow?

Another reason is that when you’re trying to manifest something, make something happen, achieve a goal, you go from one state: an inspiration to a vision, to a communication, to the relationships you need to make it happen, to the willpower, to the continued passion, to the physical goal. Every time you bring it to a denser area of reality. That produces resistance.

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Knowing is half the batlte. Now you know. Resistance means you’re doing good. Keep going. I know you don’t want to. That’s the point.


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The end Result? Goals that FIRE YOU UP with excitement. Goals that you happily work towards. Goals that will transform your reality.

In a 1.5h – 2h session we will:

1) Identify what you REALLY want. What lights you up? Let’s not waste your time with the “should goal” : lose 10 pounds, quit my job, …
Maybe that’s what you really want. But maybe it’s really “feel sexy” or “confident”. Maybe it’s “feel like I matter” “Make a contribution”.
We’ll find the RIGHT goals for you.

This will ask you to find what makes you feel good, really good. Your body will tell us what is a good goal for you. If the goal feels “blah”, it’s no good. If the goal feels really exciting and a little scary, it’s perfect.

2) We will set 3 levels of the goal to know what success looks like.

3) Identify the pieces of past programming that don’t align with these new goals. They’ll come up. Your goal: Make an extra $10000 this year? The past program: “I don’t deserve it”, “It’s impossible” , “Money doesn’t grow on trees”.
We identify it, we listen to it, we transform it. You walk away with a plan and tools to identify this conflicting programming when it comes up.

4) Figure out the next “baby steps” to get this goal rolling.

5) Identify the potential pitfalls of this goal. Get you a road map of what to do when that happens.

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