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Reiki Montreal Relationships

Keep Attracting The Same Man? The Same Relationship?

Why oh why do you do this? It always ends – badly. Awfully. Painfully. Relationship after relationship it’s the same pattern:  You lose yourself. You go for the oh-so-pretty, but oh-so-dumb one and are bored to death after a while. You lose interest. You get into insane rage-filled fights. You’re the other woman. You freak […]

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Reiki Montreal Goals Fail

3 Goal-Setting Mistakes That Keep You From Shining

Ever wonder why people give up on their goals by January 21st? The 3 mistakes you’re making that are setting you up for failure: Book your FREE 30-minute conversation to uncover this. Book Now # 1: You’re setting goals that aren’t in alignment with who you are and what you really want. Should goals. URGH. Please. Stop doing this […]

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Wipe the slate clean

Wipe The (2014) Slate Clean

In the last year/few months, have you? Experienced some kind of trauma (loss, disappointment, …)? Felt depressed? Felt like there’s an inner war raging on? Repeated the same patterns over and over without being able to stop them? Kept feeling stuck? It’s possible conflicting programs are trying to get their way. At any given moment, mind-body […]

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Services Offered at Reiki Montreal

Reiki Montreal certainly uses Reiki. No doubt about it. Yet, what we really do is Energy Therapy. In its broader sense. Energy Therapy in its broader sense Energy Medicine recognizes that each individual is an energy system connected to and flowing within the larger unlimited energy system of the universe. Some traditions like Traditional Chinese […]

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