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Reiki Montreal certainly uses Reiki. No doubt about it.

Yet, what we really do is Energy Therapy. In its broader sense.

Energy Therapy in its broader sense

Reiki Montreal - Energy Therapy
Energy Medicine recognizes that each individual is an energy system connected to and flowing within the larger unlimited energy system of the universe.

Some traditions like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupressure or Acupuncture work with chi and the flow of energy through meridians.

At Reiki Montreal, we predominantly work with the Chakra System. Chakras are seven energetic centers located within the body. Each one is associated with a theme of life. This theme manifests in different thoughts, beliefs, emotions and even physical symptoms. They are held as information within the chakra.

With reiki, we send life-energy to each chakra, systematically. This is why we like to give a reiki session every time. The whole physical-emotional-spiritual body gets extra energy. However, for certain issues, it is extremely useful to work on chakras (or themes) individually.


Chakra Balancing

This is why we use a host of exercises for each different chakra. A little extra attention goes a long way to help bring healing. Sometimes, taking the time to balance one chakra can help balance all the others.For an in detail explanation of chakra balancing, visit Reiki Montreal’s chakra balancing page.

Most often, chakra balancing and reiki happen on the massage table. The client is usually passive, simply sensing into the body and relaxing.

As mentioned, information gets stored in the different energy centers (chakras). It is possible to access that information and bring it to a conscious level.
After a chakra balancing session, the therapist will usually be able to give you a quick reading on your strongest and weakest chakras and what that may mean for you in your life.

We have a few techniques that can help you really get in touch with what your body knows about something: focusing and EFT. Very different techniques, they allow for us to follow your body’s wisdom.

Energy Psychology – Focusing and EFT

Focusing is a technique developed at the University of Chicago when a psychologist named Eugene Gendlin discovered a very important truth. He was able to predict who would find success in their therapy by looking at one simple thing. The clients who listened to their bodies, got lost for words easily and were true to this “bodily sense of truth” were the ones who were successful. At Reiki Montreal, we therefore often encourage you to check in with your body…

EFT, on the other hand, is a powerful Energy Psychology technique that uses tapping on different meridians. Often, we use this technique when there is a specific problem we want to work with.

What holds it all together for Reiki Montreal:
Meditative Practices – Visualizations and Mindfulness

Reiki Montreal - Meditative Practices

Reiki Montreal wouldn’t be complete without a strong basis of meditative practices. We use many visualizations to help you get in touch with a certain feeling (i.e. calm, strength, joy, etc.), or to let go of some things that are no longer needed. A lot of our clients adore walking away with a visualization. If you like, you can record the one we do in your session so that you can listen to it at another time.

Last, but certainly not least, to us, at Reiki Montreal, Mindfulness is the pinacle on which all healing revolves. Showing up to our reality with presence and acceptance is often all we need to evolve into health. We always let the present moment guide the therapy and the specific energy techniques we will use with you. We can teach you how to practice mindfulness in ways that will help you.

At the end of every session, we have worked to bring balance and healing to your energy system. At the present moment.

Reiki Montreal is flexible! Tell us which modality you feel you will have an affinity with!

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