Energy Medicine – What Can It Contribute?

Energy Medicine Adds To An Allopathic Vision Of Medicine.

Here, Reiki Montreal presents an article on Energy Medicine written by a professor of immunology and microbiology at Cornell University. If you see the value of Energy Medicine, and wish that the scientific community would see it too, this article is for you. If, on the contrary, you need a little convincing that Energy Medicine really has value, this article is for you too! We’re always interested in the newest developments of energy work, reiki, and energy therapy. Today, we stumbled on a succinct little article by a certain Dr. Rodney R. Dietert on “Energy Medicine and the Path to Globally-Sustainable Health”. Although the purpose of this article doesn’t provide evidence on the efficacy of Energy Medicine, nor is it published in a peer-reviewed journal, it highlights relevant features that can bring relief to both patients and the current healthcare system. Dr. Dietert introduces Energy Medicine and demonstrates in what ways it is a very important global healthcare approach that solves some of the problems allopathic medicine faces today.

“Energy Medicine and the Path to Globally-Sustainable Health” – The Abstract:

This paper provides key points regarding the significance of energy medicine, a category of complementary and alternative medicine, to a global healthcare approach that is accessible, inclusive, individually-tailored, holistic, and sustainable. The ongoing epidemic of chronic diseases has stretched healthcare systems beyond their capacities, revealed fundamental inadequacies (e.g., to provide equitable access, holistically-driven health and well-being, and a life-course approach to quality of life), and shown that the current approach is unsustainable. It facilitates a way forward for an integrative and sustainable global health approach that redirects care toward greater order vs. disorder and ease vs. dis-ease for individuals and communities .

For the full article on Energy Medicine, follow this link.

Questions Answered.

 Who Uses Energy Medicine and CAM?

The author commences by informing us that Energy Medicine is a significant part of CAM therapies.  In case you’re not familiar, CAM stands for “Complementary and Alternative Medicine”. In fact, between 38% and 80% of the population of countries world-wide uses CAM. (If you were unsure about using Energy Medicine and CAM, because it isn’t all that mainstream, these numbers tell you: don’t be. You’re not alone).

What Is Energy Medicine?

Dietert justly recognizes that a wide variety of practices exist within the field. However, there are commonalities. Energy Therapies all work on what this author calls the “biofield” (Reiki Montreal calls it the Energetic Body). That is to say: the electromagnetic field surrounding the body, and within the body. Energy Therapy also works to bring balance, harmony and greater order to the patients, their families and communities.

What Can It Help With?

Energy Medicine offers solutions where the Allopathic doesn’t currently have any: for non-communicable chronic diseases.

Non-communicable chronic diseases – a problem for a healthcare system where:

  • Treatment is drug-based
  • Emphasis is placed on treating symptoms, rather than treating the eliminating and preventing.
  • Drug Treatment is Non-accessible for most individuals in the world
  • Drugs have a serious impact on the environment.

On each of these points, the model of energetic medicine incorporates a solution. In comparison to the allopathic medicine model,

An Energy Medicine Model of Health:

Is Holistic

Disorder isn’t seen in terms of symptoms. Rather, when a disorder occurs, an imbalance on an energetic level also occurs. This imbalance can be seen on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. When we treat the imbalance, we also treat all its repercussions.

Considers the Individual

Energy Medicine really considers the individual in each treatment. Balance is defined individually. Treatment is adjusted and tailor-made each time. This is in contrast to treatments that are based on an average population.

Is Integrative

Energy Medicine is easily combined with a host of other therapies. These can be other Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM) or allopathic. Ideally, someone presenting with a disease will be treated with the best of what each therapy has to offer.

Is Preventative

Because it doesn’t only target the current physical symptoms, it works in a broader way. This also means it works in a preventative way. Before we get truly sick, our energy systems are out of balance. Working on this level can help disease stop in its tracks.

Is Sustainable

Because it does not rely on drugs, the environment is spared the waste produced by them. As long as the knowledge travels, it also therefore also more accessible to people across the world.

Is Inclusive

Energy Medicine includes practices from all over the world. Remember those six points: Holistic, Considers the Individual, Integrative, Preventative, Sustainable, Inclusive. They will inform the discussion about the healthcare system in the future. They are invaluable for our health.

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