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Holding Space: 5 tips

How to hold space: 5 tips.

Holding space is one of the core elements of everything I do and teach. As an energy healer, this may be the single most effective and important tool in supporting someone to heal. In this blog, you will find: What holding space is What’s happening energetically when we hold space 5 tips to get better […]

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Learn Reiki: Love your movements

When you learn Reiki: Stuckness becomes movement

To be honest, I don’t think I can count all the things I learned from Reiki (learning it, practicing it, teaching it). I just can’t. There’s too much. Frankly, I imagine all the amazing people who learn reiki might face the same impossibility. But here’s an attempt for today: Reiki teaches us the wisdom in […]

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Energy Medicine Contribution - Reiki Montreal

Energy Medicine – What Can It Contribute?

Energy Medicine Adds To An Allopathic Vision Of Medicine. Here, Reiki Montreal presents an article on Energy Medicine written by a professor of immunology and microbiology at Cornell University. If you see the value of Energy Medicine, and wish that the scientific community would see it too, this article is for you. If, on the […]

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Reiki Montreal - Learning Reiki

Reiki Courses – You Want To Learn Reiki Too?

So You Want To Learn Reiki? At Reiki Montreal, people often come in curious about Reiki specifically, and Energy Medicine at large. They are interested in trying it, healing with it and maybe also learning it by taking the three levels of reiki courses! When I explain that my Energy Medicine degree took 525 hours […]

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