Wipe The (2014) Slate Clean

In the last year/few months, have you?

Experienced some kind of trauma (loss, disappointment, …)?
Felt depressed?
Felt like there’s an inner war raging on?
Repeated the same patterns over and over without being able to stop them?
Kept feeling stuck?

It’s possible conflicting programs are trying to get their way.

At any given moment, mind-body programs our running our nervous system. They translate our beliefs into our biology, our perception into emotion… and they all pack a solution for your life. Sometimes more than one are trying to govern a situation. It gets confusing.

These types of programs run your relationships.
They run your money.
They run your health.

They’re there. Sometimes they serve you well. Sometimes they don’t. But they’re there. Programs built up from past situations.

Most of them are there because it was once really smart and good for you.

Reiki Montreal: Stop making excusesYou protected your heart when “the love of your life” cheated on you. Or when that business deal went south. You closed off. Of course you did. You were hurt. Unbearably so. It was the only thing you could do.

But now, you have a wall (program) that stops you from connecting to what you really want.

(This does not make anything your fault. You did good. Just too good. It’s time to adjust to the times you’re in now).



Why is wiping the slate clean important?

We all, inevitably get hurt in life.
As a result, we separate parts of ourselves. We relinquish them to hidden drawers, never to be opened again.

We create new programs to hide what we don’t want to feel. And that’s OK.

The easiest way to understand that we do this is to think about relationships.

Remember your first heartbreak?
It hurt didn’t it?
(I remember it feeling like there was a literal hole in my chest never to be filled again)

It took time to recover didn’t it? At first you didn’t want to, at first the merest thought of your ex would send you in a tailspin of emotion (and programming).

Sometimes we don’t. Not fully.
Did you recover? Did you allow yourself to become that vulnerable again?

If your answer is “no”, then you twisted off a part of yourself never to be exposed to hurt again.
It’s not a bad thing or a good thing. It works for you. Or at least, it worked for you for a bit.

*and this is where my point is: *

Except now, imagine you never recovered and you locked your whole heart away, never to be touched, never to be loved, never to be hurt again.

Can you find love? Can you love?

You can’t. Not fully. It’s too packed away behind fear. Behind rage. Behind all that energy that’s locked there, never to bug you or be bugged again.

So that’s where the work is. It’s easing your heart out of its prison: wiping the slate clean of the programming that made it be locked away.

It requires feeling the sensations, the emotions, allowing them to move. Emotion is energy in motion after all.

Once you’re open again… You can let new experiences in. It’s possible for you to see them, experience them, and ultimately tolerate the pain it will bring up too.

You’ve unprogrammed yourself. You’ve finally set yourself free.

And when your heart is free… it loves. Oh boy does it love. It connects. It meets.
It accepts. It L-O-V-Es.

That’s a place where you can set new goals. Attract new things.


Do you see?

When you free your heart (or your mind, or your gut, or your bones) from habitual patterns,
you free the energy there and it becomes able to serve its primary function again!


What happens if I don’t clear and let go?spider-19263

Then you keep traipsing around with that same vibration.
You keep shying away from experiences that might trigger the pain that’s hidden away. You might get immensely triggered and close the vault even more.

This isn’t a bad thing, particularly. We’re doing it all the time. (All of us). We can’t possibly look at everything and let go of everything. We need our patterns and our conditioning and our learning. Most of us is actually REALLY good for us.

Some of it, though, needs to clear out. Some of it is old and no longer serves and needs to go.

At the very least, it’s good to do a good energetic cleaning every 3 months. I like to have the moon cycle remind me to do this monthly.

Every day we accumulate some kind of little trauma. It’s a natural mechanism for healing: We close off, we protect the wound. Many heal with time. Many wounds, traumas work themselves out with time – our body is a perfect healing system after all. Sometimes, though, there’s bigger things that linger.

When we don’t clear it out, we somehow orchestrate encounters to open those wounds so they can heal.

So we keep attracting the same kind of relationship pattern. Doing it over and over and over until we finally let it heal.

Clearing your vibration of old patterns you don’t need anymore will help you stop attracting what you need to make it open, because you yourself open it and heal it.


Here’s what might be affected by your old energetic patterns;

  • Your wealth set point
  • Your intimate relationships
  • Your happiness
  • Your weight
  • Your financial situation

In the past year these things might need a clearing so you can move forward better:

  • Failures
  • Betrayals
  • Guilt
  • Beliefs like “The world is unsafe”, “People are out to get me”, “I am a victim”, “I am powerless” …
  • Messy divorce
  • Unfulfilled dreams
  • financial setbacks
  • Medical diagnosis
  • A move
  • A breakup
  • An injury
  • A fight with a friend or family member


The Silver Lining:

In each situation there’s tremendous potential for growth.

Some people say their divorce is the best thing that ever happened to them.
Some people say a car accident was.

Let’s turn your situation around and make it “the best thing that ever happened to you”, shall we?


The thing is:

“Like attracts like”.

If you’re vibrating “not safe to love”, people not safe to love come to you.
If you’re vibrating “there’s never enough money”, never enough money comes to you.
If you’re vibrating “my body is weak”, your body will be weak.

The reverse is also true.

If you’re vibrating “love”, you attract “love”.
If you’re vibrating, “fun”, you attract “fun” (people, experiences…)
If you’re vibrating, “joy”, you attract “joy”.

We are “self-fulfilling prophecy” machines.

We confirm what we already believe.

The scary part is that it’s not necessarily something you do consciously. It’s rather something that’s running through your nervous system – a programming if you will. It’s at that level that we heal it.

I want to make something crystal clear: It’s not your fault bad things are happening to you. You didn’t have the tools. You didn’t know how to clear. & even when you don’t, it still doesn’t make anything your fault.

But now you do. At least you’re starting to see it a little bit. To see it more:

{{ Book a 30 minute conversation to UNCOVER what might be holding you back }}

I help you get in touch with the mind-body entities that are running the programs that are no longer useful to you.

I help them be heard.

I help them reveal their usefulness for you.

Finally, I help you release them.

We do this with a process called “focusing” or as I like to call them: Conversations between the mind and body. We may use EFT (or tapping) and we use Reiki. These are all mind-body techniques. They all help you release that old programming.


This is for you if:

You keep setting goals and failing (weight goals, relationship goals, wealth goals…)
You have been through a lot in the last year/months/month.
You’ve been stuck with the same problem for an unbearably long time.
You feel a lot of bitterness or disappointment.
You’ve come up against a failure and haven’t gotten up again.
You have a pattern you are unable to budge.

What you get:

In one 1.5-2h session, we tackle one particular issue. We:

– Uncover where you’re holding the charge related to your particular issue.
– Allow it to move by expressing itself, listening to the wisdom held there
– Keep going deeper with the issue, uncovering and releasing.
– Guided letting go visualization.
– Reiki: New energy flowing in where there was a disturbance in your energy
– Energy clearing with a feather: Clearing your energy field of everything it is ready to let go of.

Take Action:

If any of this resonated, do one thing: Book a 30 minute UNCOVERING session. We’ll take it from there.

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