Keep Attracting The Same Man? The Same Relationship?

Why oh why do you do this?
It always ends – badly. Awfully. Painfully.

Relationship after relationship it’s the same pattern: 

  • You lose yourself.
  • You go for the oh-so-pretty, but oh-so-dumb one and are bored to death after a while.
  • You lose interest.
  • You get into insane rage-filled fights.
  • You’re the other woman.
  • You freak out and leave them without notice.
  • They freak out and leave you without notice.
  • You always find yourself in unrequited love situations.
  • You cheat.
  • They cheat on you.
  • They have no time for you.
  • You attract jerks.
  • They abuse you.

It’s one of the most painful and expensive problems.
Living the same heartbreak over and over can have some serious effects:

  1. It feels downright wretched.
  2. Bitterness ensues.
  3. Chances of finding the love of your life? Severely reduced.

This. Just. Sucks. BUT:

You’re not alone in this.

AND It’s also not your fault.

What’s happening?

1. You’re programmed to. Hear me out. 🙂

It’s a wiring thing. Very young, we learn to associate certain feelings and signs with “love”. The way your parents demonstrated their love for you comes into it, but also the relationship between your parents and how their relationship manifested is modelled as well as everything we see on TV and in movies.

Then, our first relationships.

All of that gets wired into our nervous systems, programmed if you will. And it’s not necessarily what’s best for us.

This isn’t any different from anything else in our lives: we’re programmed like this with money, with sex, with how we work, how we relate, how we speak, how we perceive and how and what we believe… Relationships aren’t any different – but there’s somehow more at stake, isn’t there?
A broken heart is one of the most painful things to weather.

This programming also lodges in our body somewhere. Usually relationship issues are matters of the heart, but it can be that you feel a knot in your stomach every time you think about it… or you get really spinning in your head. This gives us hints as to which programming is tripping you up.

2. There might be a function there for you.

This is not fun to hear. However, usually, anything we program into our nervous system has a really good reason for it behind it. We close up to protect ourselves. We over open up to connect. We learned to do it that way and it used to work. The thing is, it might not work anymore.

That’s what we want to look at.

The trick is to get beyond the notion that you have no responsibility in the matter.

It’s not your fault.
But you do have responsibility.

You have consciousness and the power to change this. Isn’t that great?

It’s going to require some work to look at this.

What might be the plus sides of being serially cheated on?

  • You have a really good excuse to stop the relationship.
  • You have a really good excuse to play the victim.
  • You have a really good excuse to think all men are scum.

It’s safe in that zone. It hurts. It sucks. Nobody would consciously want that. Yet, it gives the added benefit of righteous bitchiness.

It can be really comfortable and even feel sort of powerful.

It’s also the perfect excuse not to really, truly, fully open up. Because that, that’s really scary.

If this describes you, there’s no way you wish this upon yourself. I fully know that.

But perhaps something happened that first time you were cheated on, where you closed up, you started believing men were awful sex crazed creatures.

Then, no matter how much you tried consciously to give people a shot, your nervous system reacted with attraction to the men who confirmed that belief. Beliefs LOVE confirmation. They seek them.

Another example is if you keep attracting someone aloof or far away
The plus side is : you don’t need to set boundaries, you don’t need to carve out alone time for yourself, you don’t need to sacrifice much daily independence. Is this something you can work on? Becoming stronger in this so that you can withstand a relationship with more interest and intensity directed at you?

The work lies in uncovering those beliefs, the functions, the residual hurts, … feeling them, understanding them, thanking them… and releasing them :).

It’s gentle work. It requires patience and love. It really is a work of love for yourself.

Because that’s where it all starts:

[bctt tweet=”Love attracts love. If you love YOU and take care of YOU, #love will find you. – @IngeBroer #Lawofattraction #Selflove”]

Love will be recognized and cherished.

It doesn’t mean you chose it, or want it to be this way.

3. Spiritual perspective

The reason you do this: attract the same broken relationship time and time again, is to learn.
The way I see it, you’re given this same broken pattern over and over and over because it is your divine work to heal it. By healing it you get to heal your parents’ dysfunctions, your grand-parents, your children’s & future children’s. You set a new example for friends and family and anybody you meet, really.
We’re all programming each other. We’re all so deeply, intricately connected.

[bctt tweet=”If you are able to heal your pattern, you heal it for the world as well. – @IngeBroer #healing #love”]

If the idea of finally meeting the love of your life and building a life together you both will downright CHERISH, this is for you.

This is for you if:

  • You keep getting tripped up in relationships
  • You are catching the warning signs of your relationship going south
  • You are unsure whether to pursue a relationship with a new person or not
  • You know you have a pattern and are committed to breaking it once and for all.
  • Love is a priority for you.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You want to magical think your way into a new relationship
  • You are not prepared to do the work
  • You insist on ignoring the past and focus only on the future (not a bad strategy per se, this is just not for you).

It’s for you? Read on:

We will get deep into your wiring and uncover where you get stuck.

  • What are the beliefs holding you back?
  • What is the pain that’s stopping you from connecting fully?
  • How can you increase love for yourself in order to love and be loved by someone else?
  • You will walk away with answers to all these questions.

Over a series of 6 sessions of 90 minutes we will:

  • Significantly turn up the volume on your self-love.
  • Get deep into your wiring and unprogram some of the programming that trips you up when it comes to love.
  • Heal past hurts.
  • Let go of the past
  • Uncover, shake up & replace your least empowering beliefs
  • Work your energy in a hands-on manner to help you attract and recognize new opportunities for love in your life (Reiki & Chakra Balancing).
  • Help you become as attractive (i.e. confident, happy, smiling, open, joyful) as you can be.
  • Open you up to love

Value: $690

As a bonus you will get:

  • an hour-long Follow Up Call 1 month after the process is finished, to ensure you keep up the practices and keep moving forward. ($90)
  • a belief uncovering and annihilating process you can use any time. ($47)
  • a personalized self-care program to keep ramping up the self-love and to keep you attractive. ($67)

Value: $204

Total Value: $690 + $184 = $894.

Price:  $894    $627     ($267 off)

**Please note that this is written to women, but if you are a man and resonate with this, you are more than welcome as well. I know this is just as important a problem to solve.**

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