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Reiki, the chakras, mindfulness and visualization are subjects of endless interest to me.
I try to share that passion with you right here by sharing everything I know about them here.


Meditation: 5 Reasons You Don’t Even If You Know You Should.

Believe you really SHOULD meditate? This is for you if you’ve been reading and learning about meditation and now you’re convinced that you really SHOULD start meditating. You’ve discovered a ton of good things about mindfulness meditation. The benefits are endless. Mindfulness meditation can: Lower your blood pressure Boost your immune system Reduce anxiety Reduce the […]

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Affirmations Flowering

Are Your Affirmations Working Against You? 3 Pro Tips For When It Feels Like A Lie

 First: The Affirmation Basics: Affirmations are positive statements. They are usually statements that we really, deeply want to be true about ourselves and our lives. They are really powerful in that: [bctt tweet=”The law of attraction states that whatever you think, whatever you believe, whatever you VIBRATE, you become & shows up in your life. […]

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Reiki Montreal - History of Reiki

Reiki’s Slightly Mysterious History

Reiki’s Slightly Mysterious History The mysterious origins of Reiki are wildly disputed. No two stories of the same event match. However, here is where they converge: Reiki was come upon at the turn of the 20th century by a Doctor by the name of Mikao Usui the last day of a 21-day meditation retreat. What […]

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Reiki Montreal's offers and services to you

Reiki – What Does it Actually Feel Like?

What will I feel when I get Reiki? It’s hard to say. For starters, every single session is different. Every person is different. Yet, there are some commonalities. First, let me explain certain characteristics of Reiki and how they manifest in your experience. Second, I’ll give you a run down of common experiences during and […]

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Root Chakra Description from Reiki Montreal

Root Chakra

The Root Chakra: The First Chakra on our Journey Up: The Basics: Location: Flowing out of the perineum, through the legs and feet into the earth Colour: Red or Brown-Red Basic Right: Right to be here & Right to have. Body parts associated: Bones, skeletal structure, rectum, coccyx, perineum, legs, feet, urethra, urinary bladder, genitals, adrenal glands, […]

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Reiki Montreal - Chakras

Healing Journey Through The Chakras

A new, but repeated journey through the chakras for me: I have the incredible chance right now to redo one of the courses that first put me into contact with energy. What a ride it has been since! It is with Ramya Memmi, a wonderful guide on the healing journey. In this class, a group […]

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Energy Medicine Contribution - Reiki Montreal

Energy Medicine – What Can It Contribute?

Energy Medicine Adds To An Allopathic Vision Of Medicine. Here, Reiki Montreal presents an article on Energy Medicine written by a professor of immunology and microbiology at Cornell University. If you see the value of Energy Medicine, and wish that the scientific community would see it too, this article is for you. If, on the […]

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