Reiki – What Does it Actually Feel Like?

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What will I feel when I get Reiki?

It’s hard to say.

For starters, every single session is different. Every person is different.
Yet, there are some commonalities.

First, let me explain certain characteristics of Reiki and how they manifest in your experience.
Second, I’ll give you a run down of common experiences during and after receiving Reiki.
Third, I have some quotes from actual clients expressing how the experience was for them.


1. The characteristics of Reiki & What they ACTUALLY mean in terms of your experience.

Reiki is universal spiritual energy and there are four main characteristics important in this case.

1. Reiki is intelligent.

It goes where it’s needed in your body. It flows exactly where it needs to go, when it needs to flow there.

Translation: I might be working at the head, and you might feel the energy at your feet. I might be working at a foot away from you and you might feel the energy as if I were pressing down on your body. You’re not wrong in your feelings. The energy probably really is flowing where you’re feeling it.


2. Reiki always works for your highest good.

All the information of our potential is stored in our energy fields. Who we are at our best, who we are meant to be. It’s all there. Reiki helps us become that.

Translation: It might not be comfortable. It can feel like a cleaning out sometimes. Emotions, dense physical sensations, the recognition of we’ve been avoiding. When this happens (and I assure you, it’s not all that frequent), know your highest good is coming through. These pains are growing pains.


3. Reiki works where it needs to work: On the spiritual level, mental, emotional or physical levels.

The practitioner (that’s me!) has some measure of control on where the energy is sent, but as mentioned before: The energy is intelligent (WAY more than I am) AND it works for your highest good. It will do what it needs to do.

Translation: If you came in for a physical issue, and I send the physical reiki energy, you might still feel things on a rather more emotional level. This works the other way around too.


4. Reiki restores balance in the chakras.

Reiki is typically sent to every chakra (energy center in your body). There, it helps the chakra find balance again. This usually means the energy needs to move and to change a little. It may take a while or be very quick.

Translation: When energy moves, we may feel it as a physical sensation, as an emotion, as a perception, or not at all. On occasion, it can feel very uncomfortable becoming balanced – simply because it’s different. It also happens that we quickly reconfigure ourselves to our more comfortable unbalanced configuration.

That’s really not a problem. The reiki has still done some important work for you. As we get reiki more and more, the balanced state also remains longer. We become more comfortable with that balance (and hence also all the different parts of ourselves).

This also means that sometimes I may stay longer at certain areas and seem to gloss over others rather quickly.


What will I feel during the Reiki session?

The simple answer:

There is one overarching feeling that comes back almost every time as a result of Reiki:
RELAXATION. Deep, lovely, relaxation.

The more nuanced answer:

As mentioned, emotions may come up. Painful (or uncomfortable) physical sensations may come up. They never last long and there’s nothing to worry about when they do. The energy is simply reconfiguring itself.
Something that seems to happen frequently is that your stomach starts making noises (perfectly normal).

It’s also possible you fall asleep. It’s actually quite frequent and a good thing – your body needs it ;).

You may also get stuck in your head the whole time. It’s possible you feel nothing at all.
It doesn’t mean nothing is happening.

I’ve also had people laughing uncontrollably. In summary, anything can happen! Yet, really,relaxation is the most common one.


What Are The Results AFTER My Reiki Session?

Reiki Montreal - Relaxation

You may feel totally relaxed. This is the most typical experience after receiving Reiki.

Some feel like they’ve slept 8hours. Some like they’re finally back on Earth. Some describe it simply as “Balanced”. Others like they’re floating and just… happy. Some people feel like they want a nap. The only way to find out is to come in and experience it for yourself.

You may feel vulnerable and exposed too. Balance can be humbling.

I always try to make it the most comfortable for you to come out of a reiki session. I always tell you to come back to the room when you’re ready. I mean it. Take the time you need. Before asking you how you’re feeling, I’ll also tell you a little about what you can expect in the next coming days so you have some time to come to your senses and don’t have to talk quite yet.


My recommendation to you is that after a reiki session, go with the flow.

If you feel tired, sleep. If you feel emotional, take some time to be with that. Cry if you need to. If you feel full of energy and want to attack the world, do that.

Reiki is for your highest good. Trust it. Trust yourself. Allow it to work through you and witness the small miracles that happen. 🙂


Don’t take it from me – Words from actual people after a Reiki session:

I’d love to add some to my list. Enter in the comments how you have felt after a reiki session. Did I miss something? Share the love!

“I gathered the scattered pieces of myself” – Kristina F.

“My thoughts and worries passed by and I reached a pleasant level of relaxation. Afterwards I felt refreshed and light, full of positive energy and eager to face my day” – Inga K.

“”I left the session feeling whole, at one with my body” – Noemi S.

“J’ai vraiment ressenti mes énergies corporelles se déplacer ce qui a généré une réelle détente et une sensation de bien-être et de calme et ce pendant plus d’une journée” – Rachel L.

“Je ne m’attendais pas à vivre un tel repos. J’ai senti non seulement mon corps, mais aussi mon esprit, être soulagés de pressions et tensions dont j’ignorais même l’existence. J’avais l’impression que mon énergie venait d’être débloquée et circulait finalement librement là et où elle devait aller. Un peu comme si on m’avait enlevé une grosse épine du corps et de l’esprit, je me suis sentie émotionnellement et physiquement chamboulée après la rencontre, mais tellement soulagée et allégée… “- Flore T.H.

To read more: Click Here.

It's Action Time!If you have had Reiki before, SHARE how it was for you right here in the comments!

Did you feel awful? (don’t worry. It’s happened to me. Something big needed to work itself through me and it took time, but the other side was amazing).
Totally blissed out?
Simply a little more relaxed?
Like you finally knew what balance feels like?

It’s all fine. The more we are honest with our feelings, the more we can enlighten others to take the right decisions for them.


3 Responses to Reiki – What Does it Actually Feel Like?

  1. Emily Verrecchia April 6, 2016 at 10:13 am #

    Ive had only two sessions with Inge so far, but I can already feel the difference she has made in my life.
    The actual sessions for me have been extremely emotional, I feel issues finally being unblocked and released, I have even broken down into tears.I truly feel healed when I leave a session with Inge and the best part is the relaxation portion where I can physically feel the heat coming off of Inges hands , the energy being released into my body is an incredible feeling. I believe that I am truly a changed person, now being able to face issues head on rather than avoiding confrontation, I am no longer afraid to speak my mind, and have noticed myself saying things I wouldnt normally say, but I am happy of the progress I am making. When I leave our session I often feel spent and forced to relax, but I know this is part of the process for me, as I tend to put myself last and am always in fast forward. I need that time to recharge. I am so very grateful for meeting Inge and I look forward to all of our sessions with earnest as I know each time my soul awakens a little more and I become closer to living my purpose and fufilling my destiny whatever that turns out to be!

    • Inge April 12, 2016 at 2:39 pm #

      Wow Emily! I’m so touched :). Grateful for meeting you as well, you glorious soul!

  2. Nadjejda May 21, 2014 at 11:02 pm #

    Great and information post, thank you for sharing! My first reiki experience was amazing, I must admit that I went into the session not knowing much about it. It was performed by a friend as some friends and I were hanging out at his place. I was feeling anxious prior to the session but no one knew this. I felt at peace and relaxed after the session and that ‘s when I shared with them how I felt prior to it. That’s when I decided that reiki works and it’s amazing. Love and light 🙂

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