Eleven Messages for a Better World

Eleven Messages for a Better World

Today, I was working on my 14 day mind & soul tune-up series. My intention was to have 14 thoughts and tiny exercises – one per day for two weeks – that help you do a nice clean up of your mind. I wanted 14 messages that would help you have more clarity for yourself, that would help a new world open for you, and to empower you to take the ACTION required to live a happier, fuller, more peaceful life.

It’s a tall order! Only you can tell me if I’ve succeeded ;). (Maybe a little bit?)

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In any case, somewhere in the process… I got lost. I wanted to say SO much, yet I wanted to say it very succinctly… So I reached out to my friends. Luckily, I have a bunch on facebook that are seriously incredible people and seriously incredible healers and as you see: seriously incredible POETS!

I asked them one simple question:

“What is one message you feel that:
if everyone believed it, the world would be a better place?”

Here are their messages for a better world:

I am so incredibly humbled and in awe by their responses. More than that: I’m deeply grateful for them wandering this Earth with us. They fully, completely, deeply inspired me and I thought it would only be fair to share with you as well.

Share your message for a better world in the comments!

Which one is your favorite? How does this inspire you?
What is YOUR one message for a better world?

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