Your Body Doesn’t Stop at Your Skin. It Stops at Your Boundaries.

Personal Space Protected by BoundariesBoundaries. Have you ever heard of them? They are a crucial part of our energetic anatomy.

Boundaries are your energetic capacity to protect your space (/ your bubble).

They can be whole or broken. They can be impermeable or too permeable. They can have leakages. They can have holes. They can let so much in it’s as if they’re not there. They can be so strong nothing comes in or out.

When your boundaries are healthy, you’re able to protect your own space. You’re able to say “no”. You’re able to say “yes”. You’re able to let love in, to express yourself in kind ways and to put your foot down when you’re being taken advantage of.

But what is this “personal space” we speak of? Why is it important to safe-guard?

Your Personal Space (or as I like to call it, your bubble):

Most people have an intuitive grasp of their bubble. It’s that personal space beyond which you don’t allow just anybody to enter.
Someone on the metro at 2cm away from you just isn’t comfortable for most people.

[bctt tweet=”Energetically, your bubble (or energy field) is actually the projection of your seven #chakras. – @IngeBroer “]

The chakras go through you, but also project in front, in back and around you. Did you know? ☺
As such, that space around you is really an extension of you. Your bubble actually holds an incredible amount of information. You actually process a lot of it there too. Some of it is conscious, some of it unconscious.

You know that feeling when you have a thought, and it physically feels out of grasp? Like it’s swirling around your head somewhere? In this perspective, that’s exactly what’s happening: The energy holding the information you’re looking for isn’t in your body, but outside of it, in your bubble, protected by your boundaries. Or when you feel overwhelmed it feels like you just don’t have enough room? Or how you sometimes feel hit by a wave of emotion? All instances where you’re grasping that something is happening outside of your physical body.

Here’s a multiple choice question for you.

How big do you let your bubble be?

(Here are two typical ways we conduct when it comes to our personal space).

A) Tiny Bubble

If this is you, you hold things really close to you. You don’t take up a lot of room. You tend to hide and not really let people in, simply because it’s incredible overwhelming for you to do so. That’s the key.

When we hold things tight to our chest and make ourselves small, there’s simply less room for us to process things.

They seem denser, more difficult, and so much more overwhelming.
Those worries you’re struggling with suddenly take up ALL the room in your psyche instead of bouncing around in one corner of them.

It typically feels really stressful, because all the conflicting emotions are on top of each other. This feels like “stress”, but is usually actually something like: “sadness mixed with anger mixed with anxiety mixed with frustration mixed with fear, etc.”

You also are triggered more easily, because there’s a bottled up feeling inside where anything could set you off and then take up an inordinate amount of room for you.

TRY THIS: You want to give yourself permission to live those things, by taking up more room. You can imagine expanding your bubble until it is around an arms length from you. See how those overwhelming thoughts feel when you’re “bigger”. Less overwhelming right? There’s more resources available for you!

B) Huge Bubble

If this is you, you have a tendency of being “all over the place”. You may be more relaxed than the alternative, but you are not really focused, and things just bounce around in your space and never take a place in a structured way. This makes it hard to get things done in a focused way. You probably have a million ideas, but no way to really make them reality.
You may also pick up all sorts of information from around you, because your energy is there. Yet, because it’s not clear and structured, that information gets processed in confusing ways.

Other people might find you invasive.

There is a good side to this huge bubble. It’s actually a wonderful expansive feeling that occurs fairly often when we’re communing with nature. It’s something to cultivate but when it’s not responsible, it often gets you into trouble in society, where you’re not soaking in the energy of trees and harmony, but stressed people.

TRY THIS: Try getting your bubble more focused and reeling it back until your boundaries are around an arms’ length around you in all directions. Take ownership of that space and notice if you can organize things in a more focused manner.

C) Goldy Locks: Just Right

Both Tiny and Huge are just right sometimes, our bubble is supposed to be fairly large: an arm’s length in all directions. Your space is your own. Take ownership of it. You get to decide what comes in and what doesn’t. That’s the magic of your boundaries.

You have a right to your space.

Putting this information into Action

Take responsibility.Think of it this way:

[bctt tweet=”You’re not just a body going through space, you’re actually a energy bubble going through space. – @IngeBroer”]

Love the way you are. There’s really actually no problem.

I’m inviting you in an exercise in awareness.

You can simply ask yourself:

  • How big am I right now?
  • Am I keeping people out ?
  • Am I hiding away and making myself small?
  • Can I become a little more focused right now?
  • Can I take a little more room right now?
  • What’s holding me back?

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