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Body like a mountain, Heart like an ocean, Mind like the sky

Listen to “MEDITATION: Body like a Mountain” on Spreaker. Dear you, I wonder – What do you think of this idea: “As a culture, we have lost the ability to create big, exciting goals, especially in the realm of BEING. “ Personally, this struck me. Goals? In the realm of BEING? So. Much. YES. I absolutely […]

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Holding Space: 5 tips

How to hold space: 5 tips.

Holding space is one of the core elements of everything I do and teach. As an energy healer, this may be the single most effective and important tool in supporting someone to heal. In this blog, you will find: What holding space is What’s happening energetically when we hold space 5 tips to get better […]

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Learn Reiki: Love your movements

When you learn Reiki: Stuckness becomes movement

To be honest, I don’t think I can count all the things I learned from Reiki (learning it, practicing it, teaching it). I just can’t. There’s too much. Frankly, I imagine all the amazing people who learn reiki might face the same impossibility. But here’s an attempt for today: Reiki teaches us the wisdom in […]

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Meditation: 5 Reasons You Don’t Even If You Know You Should.

Believe you really SHOULD meditate? This is for you if you’ve been reading and learning about meditation and now you’re convinced that you really SHOULD start meditating. You’ve discovered a ton of good things about mindfulness meditation. The benefits are endless. Mindfulness meditation can: Lower your blood pressure Boost your immune system Reduce anxiety Reduce the […]

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Steven Pressfield + The War of Art

Stop Letting Resistance Run (and Ruin) Your Life

  “Rule of thumb: The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more important the Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.” ― Steven Pressfield, The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles Resistance: Those thoughts you think, those beliefs you believe, those foods […]

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Reiki Montreal - Attitudes for Success

The 7 attitudes you MUST develop for amazing things to start happening

The 7 attitudes you MUST develop for amazing things to start happening Next time things get overwhelming and hard and you’re getting perfectionistic, & frustrated and impatient, I want you to STOP & remember this one thing: You have a choice about how things affect you.  Everything is coloured by the relationship you have with […]

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