Are Your Affirmations Working Against You? 3 Pro Tips For When It Feels Like A Lie

Affirmations Flowering

 First: The Affirmation Basics:

Affirmations are positive statements. They are usually statements that we really, deeply want to be true about ourselves and our lives. They are really powerful in that:

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If your vibration says “I am wealthy & you have a sense of wealth and ease,
you will attract events that corroborate that truth: checks in the mail, incredible relationships, gifts, abundance from all around, a job you absolutely love will come and confirm that vibration.

Affirmations are a great way to harness the power of this law: like attracts like.


Three Tips To Get You Started:


1. State Your Affirmation in the Positive.

Your brain, subconscious, vibration and the Universe don’t understand “no”.  The result? You’ll get EXACTLY that which you DON’T want.

forward-412761_1280They only understand YES. Preferably a deep, resounding, juicy almost orgasmic YES! Ask yourself: What’s my YES?


2. State Your Affirmation in Present Time.

Get yourself breathing, feeling, being, acting like you would if your affirmation were undeniably true. In the present time. There’s doubt in “some day”, there’s strength in “Right NOW”. The present time is the only time anything gets created.


3. Believe Your Affirmation In Your Heart of Hearts

This is where the juice is. This is where the work starts. Now, here’s where the trouble shooting begins:

Sooner or later affirmations bring up some “ick”, resistance, & will feel like downright lies.


Here’s What You Do:Reiki Montreal - History of Reiki

Pro Tip # 1: When resistance to your affirmation shows up, watch it & let it go

  • Notice the resistance coming up when you repeat that affirmation to yourself:
    Is it anxiety? depression? hysteria? a total freak-out?
  • Allow it come up, and realize this is part of the vibration around this issue.
    If “I am loved” feels like total bullshit, notice it, take ownership of that fact. Accept it. Then, let it go.
    You are committed to making this change. I believe in you.

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Don’t worry, most of the time awareness is all that is required. But you can ALSO use Pro Tip #2:

Pro Tip #2: When an affirmation feels like a lie, preface it with “I choose”.

Resistance will show up yes. Watch it, yes. Let it go, yes.


Add “I choose” to the beginning of the affirmation. Never underestimate the power of your free will. You are powerful beyond belief.

You’re choosing to create your reality. You’re choosing to use these affirmations to change something. So say that too. Eventually, you won’t need the training wheels anymore 🙂

By saying “I choose to…” you’re taking your power back. (& I’m so proud of you).

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Pro Tip #3: For extra affirmation power: Say it in front of a mirror.

This is strong. Everything comes to the surface when you do this. If it feels 100% true, the vibration will be stronger. If it doesn’t, that resistance will be clearer.

Check for this:

  • Are you able to make eye contact with yourself while you say your affirmation?
  • Can you smile and say your affirmation?
  • Does it feel REALLY true?
  • What parts of you don’t believe this to be true? (welcome them, love them, listen to them, send them on their way).

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Looking for some “affirmation – inspiration”?

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2 Responses to Are Your Affirmations Working Against You? 3 Pro Tips For When It Feels Like A Lie

  1. Puja Madan October 1, 2014 at 1:01 am #

    Love this post Inge. I’m going to share this with clients as I use affirmations a lot in my coaching practice. I think of affirmations as gifts to our future self. We might not fully believe the words in this moment but eventually our brain’s wiring changes and they become our truth. Thanks for the great info! 🙂

    • Inge October 8, 2014 at 5:51 pm #

      “gifts to our future self” <- that is BRILLIANT.

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