Testimonial: “Gave me the alignment and “fresh air” that I needed”

Magdalena” I was at a place in my life where I was feeling very overwhelmed. It felt like I had a lot of information about happiness and wellbeing…but why was I feeling so stressed and tired?

I felt blocked and worried; trapped in this cycle. So I researched and decided to try something new: REIKI. Even though I had no clue how it was supposed to work!

But meeting Inge has been an incredible journey! And with every session we made space for peace and joy to come back into my life. The whole process has been an amazing experience, revealing things about myself, that gave me now a new set of “tools” to transform myself and live my life.

The process was loving, gentle and very human. With Inge always making me feel safe and at ease to express myself. Always very giving of loving. I feel very grateful for this experience. It has clearly transformed me and gave me the alignment and “fresh air” that I needed.

Feeling now stronger, grounded and happier!
Thank you so much Inge! with all my heart. “

– Magdalena Lobo

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