Healing Journey Through The Chakras

A new, but repeated journey through the chakras for me:

I have the incredible chance right now to redo one of the courses that first put me into contact with energy. What a ride it has been since!
It is with Ramya Memmi, a wonderful guide on the healing journey. In this class, a group comes together every week to explore the themes of a new chakra. We start with the root chakra and move our way to the crown chakra week by week.

My first healing journey:

Oh boy. It was kind of messy. 🙂 And I’m so grateful that it was. I was trying new thoughts, new ways of thinking, and above all new ways of being. Needless to say, this course was incredibly important in a series of transformations for me, that did eventually lead me to being an energy therapist.

The two take away points from my first healing journey through the chakras:

1. Developing a new attitude.

We were encouraged to examine ourselves, to bring self-awareness, to try different things, but NOT to try to change who we were.

This was so paradoxal to me. Oh my, oh my. I had so much trouble. My mind fought it so much. If I see that I’m deficient or excessive, shouldn’t I work to change that? To be honest, going through all the chakras, I was starting to make a grocery list as tall as I was (and I’m tall…) about things that were wrong with me and that I had to change.

Eventually, the crucial message finally sunk in:

“everything is perfect as it is” “You are exactly where you need to be” “There’s nothing to change”… And then… I began to change :). 

2. There is truly an energetic component to our being.

Chakras (and their configurations) can be felt with the hands, sensed intuitively, seen, or even smelled… This new learning I use every day now with my clients, to help them through their healing journey.

To me, it was amazing that we had not only a mental, physical and emotional component to us, but also a spiritual one, and even more strangely: an energetic one. It wasn’t really conscious just yet for me, but the way I see it now is that the chakras (disks/wheels) are a sort of database that contain the information of our biology, and of our history.  They hold our patterns, our beliefs, our ways of being in the world. Every time something happens in our life, that gets stored in our chakras. Often, it gets distorted to fit in with the structure that is already there.

Journeying through the chakras again:

Now, it is time for me to go through this journey again and to share the wisdom I gain from it. I have received this gift and I wish to share it with you. What will follow is a series of posts on each chakra. I will attempt (and I’m not perfect, so we’ll see) to

  • give you a summary of a new chakra every week,
  • how I’ve deepened my knowledge of it,
  • a few themes to examine in your own life and
  • even a few exercises to do to explore this chakra further.

My sources:

The information presented here comes from the amazing Ramya Memmi’s course “Healing Journey – the Chakras” as well as from the book “Eastern Body, Western Mind” by Anodea Judith. If you read this at a future date, I encourage you to see if Ramya is giving this course soon. If the course is not given, something similar can be arranged with me in a private setting. 514-360-3387 or info@reikimontreal.org

Reiki Montreal - Chakras


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