This Week’s Challenge: Stop Making Excuses

This Week’s Challenge: Stop Making Excuses

First, an exercise in self-awareness.

Do you make a lot of excuses? 

Is there an area in your life you’re more prone to making excuses?

Going to the gym, eating well, having your work done, going out with friends,  when other people rely on you, …?

What are the main excuses you use?

“I’m too busy”, “I didn’t have time”, “I can’t”, “I’m not good enough”, “Nobody’s helping me”, … what is it? Just notice, bring awareness.

Second, can you do something about the underlying reasons for your excuses?

Can you make more time? Can you ask for help? Can you get better?

Third, STOP. Just for one week. Or maybe one day. Just to try. 🙂

How uncomfortable does this idea make you?
How uncomfortable does this experience make you?
What will you have to say NO to?
What do you need to adjust in your life?

Finally: Your solar plexus chakra will thank you. Good luck!

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