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Root Chakra Description from Reiki Montreal

Root Chakra

The Root Chakra: The First Chakra on our Journey Up: The Basics: Location: Flowing out of the perineum, through the legs and feet into the earth Colour: Red or Brown-Red Basic Right: Right to be here & Right to have. Body parts associated: Bones, skeletal structure, rectum, coccyx, perineum, legs, feet, urethra, urinary bladder, genitals, adrenal glands, […]

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Reiki Montreal - Chakras

Healing Journey Through The Chakras

A new, but repeated journey through the chakras for me: I have the incredible chance right now to redo one of the courses that first put me into contact with energy. What a ride it has been since! It is with Ramya Memmi, a wonderful guide on the healing journey. In this class, a group […]

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Chakra Affirmation - I am Powerful

Chakra Affirmations For An Unstoppably Vibrant You

Chakra Affirmations Help You Balance Your Chakras. Let’s Talk Chakras: Why Should You Care? Chakras are crucial. They are the 7 databases that hold all your programming. Chakras contain the information that helps you live this life on Earth. They store everything pertaining to your ability to feel: Safe (1) Pleasure (2) Direction (3) Love (4) Expressive/Creative […]

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