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Reiki, the chakras, mindfulness and visualization are subjects of endless interest to me.
I try to share that passion with you right here by sharing everything I know about them here.

Reiki Montreal - Learning Reiki

Reiki Courses – You Want To Learn Reiki Too?

So You Want To Learn Reiki? At Reiki Montreal, people often come in curious about Reiki specifically, and Energy Medicine at large. They are interested in trying it, healing with it and maybe also learning it by taking the three levels of reiki courses! When I explain that my Energy Medicine degree took 525 hours […]

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Reiki explained in a video

Understand Reiki By Listening To This Interview Some people learn by reading, some by hearing, some by seeing. If you’re a learner of the auditory variety, these videos are for you. They are simply a series of videos of an interview with a reiki master. The videos are a bit dated, the interviewed person is […]

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Reiki on Mainstream Media!

Celebrity Doctor Oz Endorses Reiki. Who has heard about Dr. Oz? Did you know that he endorses Reiki? It’s created (and still creating) a bit of a karfuffel… some loving how progressive it is, others calling it “ludicrous“. No matter where you stand on the issue, reiki is getting a little attention in the media. […]

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Chakra Affirmation - I am Powerful

Chakra Affirmations For An Unstoppably Vibrant You

Chakra Affirmations Help You Balance Your Chakras. Let’s Talk Chakras: Why Should You Care? Chakras are crucial. They are the 7 databases that hold all your programming. Chakras contain the information that helps you live this life on Earth. They store everything pertaining to your ability to feel: Safe (1) Pleasure (2) Direction (3) Love (4) Expressive/Creative […]

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Learn Reiki Lessons: Love your movements

Reiki Massage, Treatment, or Session? What To Call It?

Reiki Massage, Treatment, or Session? What To Call It? Getting reiki done happens under several names. Each practitioner has his own word. So…Reiki treatment, reiki session, reiki massage… Which is it? They’re all correct, but highlight different characteristics. I had actually never heard it called “reiki massage” so today, I want to explore with you […]

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