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Celebrity Doctor Oz Endorses Reiki.

Who has heard about Dr. Oz? Did you know that he endorses Reiki? It’s created (and still creating) a bit of a karfuffel… some loving how progressive it is, others calling it “ludicrous“. No matter where you stand on the issue, reiki is getting a little attention in the media. The more attention it gets, the more studies will be conducted. In the following video about reiki, we hear the results of an experiment conducted with reiki in the operating room. I find this pretty exciting! They report that they found no incidence of post-operation depression on 11 patients who underwent open heart surgery while receiving reiki. The problem? In this video they don’t tell us what the usual incidence is! As an aside… whenever you’re presented with “scientific evidence”, look to see if you have a comparison group. Keep your wits about you! Is it actually telling a compelling story?

What Really Is The Evidence For Reiki? I’m Afraid The Jury Is Still Out…!

Don’t get me wrong. I love reiki. I’m thrilled it’s finding its way into the operating room. I’m thrilled the results appear positive. The scientist and the reiki practitioner are in conflict. I believe reiki works. I see it. I would just love to see a properly conducted study, with control group, and compelling evidence. What I find right now on the internet is either reiki practitioners picking on this endorsement (like myself) or well established science blogs expressing their stern skepticism. Where’s the middle ground? I look forward to moving toward the middle ground. Doing a quick search on google scholar also leads me nowhere, except to learn that “reiki” is also a common first name. I applaud Dr. Oz for conducting important research on reiki in the operating room. I cannot wait for more!

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An Excellent Example Of Reiki & Mainstream Medicine Working Together.

Alright. This rant aside, the video also shows a nice story about a 15 year old girl with debilitating pain sent to a pain clinic using Reiki. I’m thrilled that Reiki has a place in a pain clinic. It is phenomenal complementary care, and in this case reiki worked its magic. It wasn’t a story of miracle healing. Rather, it was a story of the patient’s energy signalling a problem that the doctors were not able to find.

The reiki practitioner’s insistence helped that young diver to heal. Maybe it even restored her Olympic Dream. This is wonderful and I hope to be hearing more and more stories of the sort . Working with energy does not need to be looked as mysterious magic. Reiki needs to be used and integrated in the health care system such that it can help more people heal.

In this case, it was through modern medicine that she eventually did. It was not a case of either-or, but one of both-and. My favorite.


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