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Understand Reiki By Listening To This Interview

Some people learn by reading, some by hearing, some by seeing. If you’re a learner of the auditory variety, these videos are for you. They are simply a series of videos of an interview with a reiki master. The videos are a bit dated, the interviewed person is NOT me, nor anyone from Reiki Montreal. That being said,  all in all the views presented in this video are very clear and fit with our views. Have a look if you prefer hearing an explanation than reading one. Also, we’ve done quite a bit of youtubing and getting a straightforward explanation of reiki… well… is not straightforward. We liked this one for that.

Just a note: In our tradition, level three does not make you a Master. Our knowledge is deepened, but we are not taught to initiate others. I do not teach, but I can recommend a wonderful teacher, Ramya Memmi who teaches Reiki and Energy Medicine at the NHC Institute.

What follows is an interview with a Reiki Master, Francesca Fasano.

In Part One

She talks about the origins of reiki and about how one learns it.


In Part Two

She answers the question “Who seeks Reiki treatments?”, how to do a self-treatment and finally the ripple effect of reiki.


In Part Three

She explains the only two counterindications (reiki on a broken bone and attunements on women pregnant past their first trimester), how to find a reiki master, and finally about how much a session typically costs.

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If after watching these videos, you still have questions, I refer you to our page on reiki. And of course, never hesitate to call with any questions! Remember, at Reiki Montreal we have a large number of tools to help you. Check them out here. Whatever your problem, energy therapy can help. Call us to discuss!

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