Reiki Massage, Treatment, or Session? What To Call It?

Reiki Massage, Treatment, or Session? What To Call It?

Getting reiki done happens under several names. Each practitioner has his own word. So…Reiki treatment, reiki session, reiki massage… Which is it? They’re all correct, but highlight different characteristics. I had actually never heard it called “reiki massage” so today, I want to explore with you why it would be called reiki massage.

Comparing Reiki, Massage and Reiki massage.

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As you know, massage works on your muscle tissue and gets all those nasty knots ironed out. Although massage works mainly on a physical level, there’s a saying I quite like: the issues are in the tissues. With a reiki massage, the focus is less on the tissues and much more on the “issues”. In other words, a reiki massage helps the tissues rebalance themselves, without the physical work necessarily. By letting the energy do its own work, reiki works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of being. And it’s very relaxing. Most people who come in for a session really mostly report feeling entirely relaxed toward the end. Then, change within life is subtle but real. Because we gave a reiki massage to the issues, they appear slightly different now. The issues transform through the reiki massage. This gives you another shot at dealing with them.

The healing power of touch

Touch. The first thing that comes to mind is that both massage and reiki massage use touch. Obviously, the biggest similarity between a massage and a reiki session are that they use touch. In fact there are a number of therapies that use light touch to bring healing: sacred touch, therapeutic touch and a host of others. We all have very deep relationships with touch. We mostly all need touch. It’s one of our basic needs. Babies in orphanages deprived of touch sometimes die. Most of us feel loved when we’re touched. Yet, reiki offers flexibility with it. Yet, to some of us, being touched is not easy. Being touched can make us feel vulnerable and even threatened. This is where a GREAT ADVANTAGE of reiki comes in. Touch is not necessary. We can work on the energy at a distance from the body, and it is just as effective.

Massaging the chakras.

reiki massage handsIn fact, with a reiki massage, we’re massaging the chakras. Watch for future posts on the chakras – fascinating and amazing energy vortexes located in our bodies. We have seven and each is extremely related to a theme in our lives: security, sex, power, love, creativity, knowledge, spirituality. Information gets stuck here. Just like when we massage the physical body, we release tensions in the energetic body with a reiki massage. What we don’t need releases, what’s understimulated gets stimulated, and what’s overstimulated relaxes. The result? Balance. Another result? Relaxation. Yet another? Healing. Yes, balance, relaxation and healing are three results you can expect from your reiki massage.

Personally, I can’t get over how much I’ve changed in the last 2 years since I have discovered reiki and energy therapy. I am a stronger, more relaxed, more hard-working and much happier person. I am so grateful.

You’re Invited!

In summary then… reiki and massage. Not so different! I guess I would say that with reiki we massage the chakras, those energy centers in our body who are intrically related to some of the most important themes in our lives. Having experienced a truly amazing personal transformation thanks to the reiki massages I was lucky to receive, I hope to share all that wonder with you in a reiki massage.

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