Cord Cutting – Finally Leave Your Ex Behind!

Cord Cutting – Finally Leave Your Ex Behind!

“Valentine’s day is coming…”

If that statement arouses a sense of dread, of loneliness, of bitterness and pain from a lost love, this message is for YOU.

Maybe you’re struggling with an old relationship that is still hurting.
Maybe you want to be over it, but … let’s face it. You’re just not completely there yet.
Maybe you don’t trust yourself this valentine’s day. Maybe a part of you kind of wants to rekindle with your ex even if it’s the worst idea ever.

If any of that applies to you… Answer these three questions:

  • Are you still secretly holding on to your ex?
  • Is your last breakup still hurting you?
  • Can you just not get rid of the lines of communication between the two of you?

If the answer was YES even one time, chances are you still have an energetic cord/psychic connecting you. Chances are that’s what’s still making you suffer. So… What’s the Solution? Read on about Cord Cutting…

What is an energetic (or psychic) cord?

Any two people who are in communication have energetic cords between them. They are exchanges of energy. They can be perfectly useful. In a couple, they can be something like… One person’s energetic Money centre connecting to the other’s energetic Sex centre. One person’s sexual needs are met and the other’s security needs are met through each other. This is perfectly well and fine, but when they break up… those needs are still trying to be met through the other person. Leading only to frustration, suffering and pain, draining you of your energy.

To become whole and self-sufficient again, it is important to CUT those energetic ties.

What happens when we do a cord cutting?

With a cord cutting, we cut the energetic exchanges between two people. They are mostly communication lines and sometimes old information stays stuck in them. Old information that makes us suffer again and again needlessly. Old information that keeps us from moving forward. When we do a cord cutting, it can bring up some emotions, we live them, and ultimately we feel much more free. Healthier. Capable of moving forward. Capable of freely and fully loving again. Without all that baggage.Cord Cutting - Reiki Montreal

Give yourself the gift of MOVING FORWARD this Valentine’s Day!

Cut those ties. Do a cord cutting. Leave it behind.
See yourself moving forward confidently, happily, lightly! Picture yourself truly and freely giving love to those you love without the empty hurt feeling inside…!

Give yourself the gift of cord cutting at Reiki Montreal, Where It’s About You, Right NOW.



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