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Inner Awakenings: What Benefits Can I Enjoy In My First Reiki Montreal Experience?

A number of people coming for their first session at Reiki Montreal ask me: “What benefits will I most fully experience in my first session at Reiki Montreal?”

You’ll find out very quickly, when you join me in a quick exercise you can do right now:

Take a moment to really connect now, and just listen to your body… Free of judgement, with an open heart, feeling a warm light of pure compassion… Simply relax and let go, notice your breath, and tune into the wisdom your body is sharing with you in this very moment… Perfect.

Now, as you’re noticing the sensations inside, and becoming aware of your understandings, I’m curious if you ever notice yourself, at this stage in your life…

  1. …feeling a little blue and discouraged
  2. …feeling some sense of confusion or fogginess
  3. …having difficulties meaningfully expressing your true feelings
  4. …finding yourself judging others, or at times experiencing feelings of loneliness
  5. …being bullied or being the bully
  6. …facing the multiple stresses of a tough decision
  7. …lacking the electrifying energy of realizing an invigorating zest in life
  8. …feeling expressions of worry in your insecurities about the future
  9. or a host of other things that make your life “Just not that great”…

…because if you can recognize the answer as “Yes” to something existing above… I have a life-transforming message for you to accept, deep inside:

The potential for healing exists for you right now, in more ways than you can currently imagine.

Reiki Montreal Present Moment ClockThat’s right. Real possibility to ignite inspired and lasting change is held within each and every moment.

So I invite you for a moment to join me in a parallel universe: Let’s freeze time right now, and bring ourselves into a reality where you know deep within, you can feel it, that this very next moment will recharge you; heal your deepest hurts. And fully release your worries. Clear your mind. And give your heart a genuine and refreshed connection to those parts of you living deep inside: your inner peace, compassion, warmth, stillness, creativity, and expression. And you can enjoy this moment fully right now. How does it feel?

Well, in just a few moments I’ll give you the number you’ll use to connect with me and book your first Reiki Montreal session now. First, I simply want to convey a heartfelt congratulations to you on this decision you’ve made to invest in yourself, and nourish and illuminate the magnificent paths of your future. And take a moment to also thank yourself; there’s a part of you that recognizes the decision you’ve made will take you on a higher path to a brighter future of fulfillments and realizations that exceed even the most ethereal influences of your imagination and daydreams.

When you call 514-360-3387, we’ll book your transformational session now with comfort and peace of mind, and begin to gain an even stronger understanding of what you seek to feel, accomplish, believe, dream, and experience.

We want to help you unlock the healing potential within the present moment.Reiki Montreal Happiness - ankor wat

Inside the fresh, expressive energy of Reiki Montreal, we see the human being as infinitely beautiful, wonderfully delicate and magnificently resilient energy systems. We are meant to artfully flow, change, and flourish with our environments and the highest potentials preciously encased within each and every moment.

Now you’re fully aware, of course, that at times, things get messy. Things get confusing. They even get downright difficult. That’s why it’s natural for human beings to often resist changes going on around then. The resistance becomes locked into one’s energy field. After a while, these resistances, or stresses, make us unbalanced. Then, they make us feel unease. Then they make us sick. They erode, cloud, and weather away the pristine, glowing expressions of life and healthy balance that live within each one of us.

During an energy session, we’ll be working together on resistances and we’ll be balancing your energy field. You’ll notice and really feel how this lets your energy flow freely through your body. Almost as if a renewed energy and health, a vibrating feeling of movement is flowing directly through you. It lets you interact with your environment in a free, fully present, and energy-expressive way.

Now, fair warning:

this doesn’t mean it will be overwhelmingly comfortable at all times, or that it doesn’t require honest effort and sincerity. But the pay off, you’ll soon discover, is of a brillance reserved for your most inspired and heightened states of mind: your transformation will unleash the very best of who you are – a beautiful, strong, powerful, stress-free, brilliant and loving individual. This is what we commit to achieving at Reiki Montreal.

Don’t be crushed any further under the weights of feeling blue, powerless or inadequate!

Arrange for me to provide you a healing appointment now by calling 514-360-3387, or e-mailing You will be guaranteed to speak personally to me, Inge, and we’ll begin the process of connecting you to your best reality and most exhilarating futures. And I know you’ll give yourself permission to allow yourself this wonderful change now… because I know you know on at least some level, you deserve this.

To learn more fully about the effectiveness of the specialized techniques we use to achieve your energy work and transformation, visit our Reiki Montreal services page.

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