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About Inge Broer  (M. Sc.) – Your Reiki Montreal Therapist


You’ll discover quickly upon meeting Inge Broer, she has always been curious as to what it means to be intelligent, creative, wise, and spiritual.

This led her to pursuing and completing her Bachelors of Science at McGill University. After she graduated, Inge went on a meditation retreat, which proved to be a transformational experience in more ways than one. Inge discovered, on a much deeper level, a profound desire to help people become who they already are.

However, Inge still desired to explore the options which would provide her the most effective vehicle for healing and transformation to her clients. The models and definitions about the human being she was taught at McGill were incredibly rigorous scientifically.

Although she loved the scientific rigor, she felt there was something lacking. Something about the inherent beauty and greatness humanity is capable of. Something about the great capacity for healing all human beings carry around within themselves.

So in the heart of this inspired spirit and desire for more, Inge embarked on an endeavor to work and learn in a place that shared her vision in a profound way. In 2010, she found the NHC Institute where she enjoyed the wonderful benefits in her service as office coordinator for a year and a half.

With an open mind, a desire for greatness in healing, and an even greater desire sharing her natural gifts, she started a degree in Energy Medicine. And she instantly discovered this is exactly the answer she was looking for, and the very gift she’s most uniquely qualified to share.

Since then, Inge  has successfully completed her two-year Energy Medicine training with accolades and notable prowess in both the artful applications and technical skills of her healing trade.

Furthermore, Inge has been combining her therapeutic and scientific academic backgrounds by applying herself in a Masters of Science at the Université de Montréal..

Upon completion of her Energy Medicine Certificate, Inge started Reiki Montreal – Where It’s About You, Right Now. Seize the opportunity, and call her at 514-360-3387 to gain a stronger understanding how an energy therapy session will benefit you right now, wherever you are in your journey.

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