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As we move through life, our energy bodies move through life as well.  These energy movements are expressed in different energy centers in the body called chakras.  Chakras can each spin excessively, normally or deficiently. Each configuration reflects a set of characteristics expressed in your body, mind and every day life. Chakra balancing can help balance your life.



If you relate to any of these people…chakra balancing can help you

As you read on now, just notice if you relate to any of these people… if so, probably one of your chakras is a bit out of whack.

  • Rootie is always prepared. In case there is another hurricane, she’s got a room full of food and water. Just in case. When she has difficult emotions, she eats. She doesn’t feel that the world is a safe place.
  • People describe Sara as someone a little cold and frigid  She looks a bit dried up and shies away from emotional endeavors.
  • Sonnie is a high-powered executive. He lives to work, to control, to lobby for his way of doing things. He’s very successful, but  close to a burn out.
  • Coralie loves her children. So much. So much that she’s suffocating their ability to explore and learn on their own. She’s worrying about them so much that she forgets to take care of herself.
  • Thrassos is shy. He never speaks in public. Unless in terribly good company, he feels a block in his throat any time he tries to speak his mind or what’s in his heart.
  • Bridget is what people call “spaced out”. All the time. She has a really rich inner, imaginary life, but finds it hard to concentrate sometimes because she’s so sensitive.
  • Cris is unmotivated. Pessimistic. He just doesn’t see the point. He doesn’t see the meaning of life.

Now that you’ve read these examples… do you have a better grasp of what a chakra inbalance can mean in your life?

Imagine what could happen for you with a chakra balancing? As you see, chakras affect different themes in our lives. Rootie uses food to feel secure, Sara isn’t in contact with emotion, Sonnie is about to burn out… Coralie is smothering others with love while neglecting herself…Thrassos can’t express himself… Bridget is in information overload mode and Cris doesn’t have faith in life.

We all have our own relationships with these themes:

  • Security.
  • Emotion.
  • Power.
  • Love.
  • Expression.
  • Knowing.
  • and Faith.

These relationships are held in our chakras.
The seven chakras occupy a different place in our bodies. In sanskrit, chakra actually means “wheel”. Therefore, a chakra is a spinning vortex of energy. To us, energy means information. Information connected to the themes we’ve seen above. This information gets stuck in the chakras. How much we use it depends on how fast a chakra is spinning. Chakras are connected to different colours, different nerve plexus’s and glands. Chakra Balancing helps to get them spinning at the appropriate speed, and to release information we don’t need any more so we can go on with our lives lighter and happier.

What Can Be Going On?

In life, we pick up information all the time. We store it in our bodies, at the levels of different chakras. When a problem is starting, it is held in our energy field… if it is unresolved it can move and settle into our bodies and create physical disease. Through chakra balancing we can prevent disease and heal it by helping to restore balance there where it is needed.
It is important to know that most of us are slightly unbalanced, some very inbalanced. That’s OK. It makes us who we are to a certain extent. It’s what we need to move through right now. We need you to understand something important… Don’t worry if you find yourself relating to one of the cases above and think it’s horrible: you’re already perfect the way you are.
Yet, spending an hour finding balance, and what it means for you and your life can be of indescribable value. When we do a Chakra Balancing, we help wake up the energy (Sara above needs her Sacral chakra awakened, , we slow it down Thrassos his throat chakra, and Cris his Crown chakra), or we help slow it down (Rootie her root chakra, Sonnie his Solar Plexus chakra, Coralie her Heart Chakra and Bridget her Brow chakra). A number different ways exist for the chakras to come out of balance. We work with you to bring you back to a holistic place of balance.

What Balance Means

Chakra Balancing helps you bring certain themes in your life back into a functional balance. Often, the reason we find ourselves with unbalanced chakras is functional. Something happened during our lives and we learned that it was better to be a certain way. Yet, it also means we spend an undue amount of energy solving a problem that doesn’t exist anymore. Rootie might be wise in her provisions, but she is also spending a lot of money and resources. Instead, she might be able to put that energy into following her dream of being a doctor, for instance. Balance means putting things into perspective. Balance means using all your resources to make life as wonderful as you can for yourself.

When we do a Chakra Balancing, we learn to interact with the world in a different way. Balance means that the best possible you can come out and interact with the world with your environment in a free, fully present, and energy-expressive way. Your balanced chakras will unleash the very best of who you are – a beautiful, strong, powerful, stress-free, brilliant and loving individual. This is what we commit to achieving at Reiki Montreal.

Whoever you are, you can most certainly grow from a chakra balancing.

The following is a list chakra balancing can be effective with.

1st chakra: Root Chakra:
Money problems, the inordinate accumulation of clutter in your home, issues around food.

2nd chakra: Sacral Chakra:
Sexual problems, emotional blockages, the need for having others in our lives.

3rd chakras: Solar Plexus Chakra:
Inability to stand up for yourself, being bullied, inability to stick with decisions.

4th chakra: Heart Chakra:
Being judgmental of others or others, Forgetting to take care of ourselves, bitterness, resentment.

5th chakra: Throat Chakra:
troubles with expression, creativity, not being connected to what we really feel.

6th chakra: Brow Chakra:
inordinate amounts of worrying, being in our head too much, or the opposite… no ideas, no dreams, deadened eyes.

7th chakra: Crown Chakra: Strong pessimism, cynicism, inability to connect to meaning or make sense of our lives… or on the contrary…not able to connect to the ordinary aspects of life.

Your Next Steps:

It's Action Time!1. Measure how committed you are to balance: not just in your chakras, but in your life. Because that’s where the magic happens.

2. Determine if you already know what to start implementing right now to create more balance in your chakras (and in your life, because that’s what it means).

3. Ascertain if you need HELP to do this.

If you need help: Get started by booking your complimentary 30-minute phone conversation with me! It’s free. OR, if you’re really committed, set up your chakra balancing appointment. 

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