You know that feeling when you forget something…and you start naming things you can think of… but something in your body is telling you: “no, that’s not it”? And when you finally find the answer… your body is finally relieved? It feels like something in you just unclicks? In those moments, you are focusing. Focusing is a way to interact with the information held in your body.

For people who want to listen to themselves more, focusing is an incredibly invaluable skill. Especially when it comes to making a big decision!

Focusing – The Skill That Defined Whether Psychotherapy Would Be A Success Or Not.

Focusing came to be because some observant psychologists asked one of the most important questions there are. How can we predict if psychotherapy will work for someone? It turns out there’s a very reliable answer. Naturally, the people who got the most out of therapy were focusing. Across therapists, across theoretical perspectives, across everything, the important part was that the client was checking into their body for answers.

In fact, the researchers noticed that the clients who lost their words easily… and were very particular with the words they chose and checked them with something in their body got better much faster. Because of this discovery, they decided to piece together exactly what these clients were doing naturally.

They started teaching it. With amazing results! They named it Focusing. Your body has an uncanny ability to heal itself. Often, it just needs you to listen. At Reiki Montreal, we often ask you how something feels in your body. Focusing and its uncanny success is the reason why.

Accessing The Unending Wisdom of Your Unconscious Through Focusing

Focusing is a true mind-body therapy. It allows you to bridge the information held in your head with the information held in your body. In this view, Reiki-Montreal-Focusingyour body is your unconscious, your mind, your conscious. Also, your body has a more holistic knowledge of things. Think about someone you love dearly. Now just gently drop your attention into your body. What do you notice? Is there a vague sort of indescribable feeling there? What is it like? It’s a feeling of person-you-love-ness. Now, do the same with someone else… a different feeling comes up, right? This is the feeling of “other-person-ness”.

These feelings contain thousands of little pieces of information, memories about these people or connected to these people. Your mind cannot possibly grasp all of these tiny details at once, but your body can. When we learn to discuss with our body in a focusing way, we learn to have access to all these details. It’s like having a conversation with a friend. In the same way, some attitudes are entirely necessary for that friend to open up to you, to talk to you, to let you know what’s going on.

The Process And Attitudes Necessary For Success

Focusing is a little bit like taming a wild but gentle animal. At first your unclear sense about something is shy. It runs away from you. It hides. You need to earn its trust. What do you need to do? Sit still, be calm… allow it to get to know you and trust you… be gentle, patient, caring, curious and grateful. These are the core attitudes of focusing. In our opinion, they are also the key to a happy life.

For most of us, though, we have no harsher critic than ourselves. The next time you notice yourself saying “Wow, you’re such an idiot, you never get anything right” to yourself, just think of this: Would you allow someone else to talk like that to you? Would you allow anyone to talk like that to your best friend? To a frightened child? There is no reason for you to talk to yourself that way. Your body won’t share its wisdom as easily if you do. Watch yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Even if you are being hard on yourself, it’s no excuse to be hard on yourself because you’re hard on yourself. From today onward, practice being gentle with yourself. The benefits are endless.

Focusing – Becoming Your Own Best Listener

Focusing is a conversation we have with ourselves. If at any time you feel the following… …that nobody ever listens to you… that you’re always stuck in your head… that you’re doing things that aren’t really aligned with your values… being lost in the face of a big decision… practicing the attitudes of focusing will change your life.

Be curious with your experience, be gentle, be caring, and become your own best listener with Focusing at Reiki Montreal.

We have not taught you how to do focusing. ( To learn more, try the Focusing Institute’s website) We will guide you in a session at Reiki Montreal and help you access your own unending wisdom. Book a session now by calling 514-360-3387 or by e-mailing we look forward to working with you in a gentle, curious and caring manner.

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