Living Your Connected Truth : The Group Program

Living your Connected Truth

You’re invited to live & create from your connected truth.

I know you have a dream brimming inside of you. It’s just itching to come out. You know you’re here to make a difference. But you don’t know what it is just yet. You don’t know that you have any skills just yet. You don’t know much except that you have a burning desire to help the world heal. You know you’re here to reach your highest potential.

Thank you for that.
It’s people like you that make a difference. It’s people like you that start heart & soul-centered businesses that create a ripple effect in the world.

I know how much you’re called to serve and I know how it feels complex and complicated and like a big thing.

So how about we start small? With your internal world?

What if we lay the internal foundation for you to create BIG ripples in the world?

  • How about we start by you stepping into your power?
  • How about we start by you stepping into your inherent worthiness?
  • How about we start by you stepping into a space in yourself devoid of “I can’t”s & “I don’t deserve”s & “I’m not good enough”s?
  • How about we return you to simply who you are? Shining from there? In touch with your essence?
  • How about we let THAT be good enough? And let THAT guide you towards your next steps?

You know – I have one fundamental conviction and it’s this:

ListeningEverything you need is inside you. Your inner guidance system is right there, speaking to you RIGHT NOW.

My dream is that we can all access our inner wisdom and navigate our inner worlds with courage & love. When we do that, creativity, innovation, and so much love pours out naturally. Businesses get born. Projects get underway. The answers that are right for YOU become clear.

Up until now, I’ve been guiding people one-on-one to reconnect with themselves. Today, I wish to take it one step further in a group program.

You’re invited for a 3.5-month group program where:

  • You will get in touch with your individual radiance & let it grow so you can show up at your best for yourself & others.
  • You will get clear on the inner work it takes to manifest a dream into reality, so that creating the life of your dreams feels like a rigorous yoga practice rather than being trapped on a never ending rollercoaster ride.
  • You will gain clarity on the role of resistance & fear and how to deal with it when it shows up so you don’t need to pack unnecessary fear on top of resistance.
  • You will move forward on ONE of your goals and learn in action so that your learning becomes further integrated into your being.
  • You will gain a toolkit of your own that is tailored for you so you never need to feel at a complete loss or totally overwhelmed.
  • You will develop daily and weekly practices that are tailored for your brilliance so you can keep on track after the program is finished.

All in a container of 3 to 5 other dedicated people, so

  • You discover how best to support others in their journey
  • You discover what you need in order to feel most supported (AND) how to ask for it.
  • You have strong allies in your journey.
  • You learn from the mirrors in the group.

Each week, we’ll be going deeper into:

  • Your connection with yourself
  • Your capacity to receive in 3 key areas: Love, Abundance & Success
  • Your tools for navigating the world of limiting beliefs, resistance & fear.
  • Your project (it doesn’t matter if it’s ultra vague at the moment).

We’ll use a combination of:

  • Energy Work, Concepts & Tools,
  • Meditations &Vizualisations,
  • Individual Laser Coaching,
  • Life Situations (because I believe Life gives us exactly what we need to learn at all times) &
  • Law of Attraction practices.

At the end, you’ll feel confident to handle what life throws at you while you’re in the process of creating the life of your dreams.

It won’t be easy, but you’ll be equipped with awareness & actual, grounded tools to help you move forward despite fears & resistances.

The answers are in you.
Let’s empower you to hear them & act on them.

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To further support you on your journey to living & creating from your most connected truth, these bonuses will be available:

  • 1 90min individual “Highest Potential” session where we look at your energy and make space for the potential that’s wanting to be embodied through you. ($175 value)
  • 3 45min individual sessions to support you when things get hard.  ($180 value)
  • Private facebook group to celebrate & support you in your daily actions.

Enter the group program before Friday, August 11, to get this extra bonus:

  • Payment plan option at no extra cost (Save $65).

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Inge Picture

Hi, I’m Inge, your guide to living from your connected truth

and I’d love to accompany you on your journey. If you’re hungry to contribute to our world & be a force for healing through your own gifts, I feel you. That’s been the guiding force for me for as long as I can remember. Along the way, I learned a few things about living your truth. I learned that living creatively starts with an unshakeable belief that you are worthy, that you are enough, that you’re allowed to create. I’ve learned that resistance is par for the course when we do anything new and that in a way, it’s no big deal. My heart swells with a vulnerable love for all the things I’ve learned that I’d love to share with you. I’d love to learn a bit about you to see if we’re a good fit in the context of this program. Let’s Talk & if you want, you can learn more about me here. Button Talk with Inge

The Details


100% online. We will use an app called zoom to meet in a virtual living room.  


The class will run for 14 weeks on Wednesday evenings from 7:30pm – 9pm starting September 6.

What’s the deadline to register?

Registration closes on Thursday, August 18 at 11:59pm. Register now here. If you register before Friday, August 11 at 11:59pm, you get the option of the payment plan without extra cost
Register now here. [/threecol_two_last]

How Much?

This program is $1195. Until August 11, there are payment plans available at no extra cost: 3 monthly payments of $398 or 4 monthly payments of $298.
After this, until the deadline to register on August 18, the payment plans are 3 x $420 or 4 x $315.

Will we be supported in between group sessions?

You bet! The bonuses are constructed for you to have maximal support. The facebook group gives you access to me and your fellow group members for support & celebration. You start off the group program with an individual session to plug into your potential in a grounded and powerful way. Then, you have 3 45-min sessions to use at your discretion to go deeper into the work, or course correct if need be.

What will I learn in these 3 and a half months?

For the details, look above. In essence: How to navigate your inner world to maximize your creative power in the outer world!

Who is this for?

This is for the sensitives, the healers, the lovers of our world who have big dreams they want to birth into reality. It’s for you if you’re familiar with doing your own healing work and you’re craving embodying your gifts in the real world so others may benefit from them also.

Who is this NOT for?

This is not for you if you feel completely disconnected from yourself. This is not for you if you’re interested in starting projects that will benefit yourself only at the detriment of others.  

How do I book?

Button Click Here. If this doesn’t work for you, call me at 514-360-3387 or e-mail me at I can answer your questions and you can book right away (or not, as you wish!)

Disclaimer + Guarantee

I am neither a doctor or a psychologist. I cannot diagnose or prescribe. What I can do is offer support & a spiritual expertise. I do not see you as “broken”, nor is there anything to “fix”. Your body-mind is perfect already and we will simply support it to find the healing & balance it is seeking.

It also happens with this work that emotions or sensations come up. They can be uncomfortable. I ask that once you commit to this program, you commit. There will be no money back. However, I do guarantee that we will never end a class with you in distress. We will keep working until you find a place of “OKness”.
If necessary, I can also offer 30-min conversations in between classes.



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