Mindfulness And Meditation Techniques

Mindfulness – Scientifically Proven To Be Effective

Mindfulness is becoming every  more accepted and celebrated these days. It is starting to be taught at the most cutting edge work places, schools and doctor offices. And for good reason too! Mindfulness is effective. Scientific study after study on mindfulness show significant effects on reducing: stress, anxiety, depression, emotional reactivity, pain and even boosting the immune system. So what is mindfulness? In a nutshell, mindfulness is becoming aware of the present moment in an accepting way. Then, resting in the present moment.

Mindfulness – The Foundation For Healing

At Reiki Montreal, we firmly believe that the foundation for healing lies in each and every moment. Thus, to transform, we must live in the present moment. Mindfulness is the basis of all the work we do. You will often find that we may interrupt you to ask how something you are sharing is affecting your right now. This is to allow for the awareness of the present moment to do its work. It can also mean that a session together becomes a little jumpy as we follow your present moment experience. Yet, as soon as we’re really here, in the present moment, alignment usually follows.

Through mindfulness, we learn to tap into the body. We learn that the foundation of everything we want to achieve in life passes by being present, by being here in the present moment. Healing occurs. Mindfulness requires no analysis, only an openness, a curiosity and acceptance of what the present moment brings. Mindfulness informs all the other healing techniques we use at Reiki Montreal. Whether it be mindfulness ‘s little brother focusing, clairvoyant readings, EFT, Chakra Balancing or Reiki.

The Endless Benefits Of Being More Present.

As you learn to give in to the present moment, and accept what it holds for you, something very interesting starts to happen. You become less reactive. Mindfulness Meditation-Reiki MontrealYou become less stressed out. You learn to let thoughts, emotions, sensations be just that: thoughts, emotions, and sensations. Nothing more, nothing less. You let them move through you without dictating your behavior.

You become free. Tears are no longer your enemy. They are simply something that happens once in a while. Pain is no longer your enemy. It simply is a sensation that grabs your attention once in a while. Your boss’s harsh words do not replay in your head 40 times a minute. They were spoken once and that’s all. You are able to move on and enjoy the new moments.

Being present allows awareness to shine through. We become aware of the thoughts that push our actions. We become aware of the pains we’re unconsciously trying to avoid. We become aware of the happy moments we are desperately holding on to. And awareness brings freedom. Awareness brings choice.

“So How Do I Learn Mindfulness?”

Considering all the scientific evidence and the major benefits, you probably want to learn to be more mindful.

Here’s the bad news: it doesn’t always come easily. It requires practice, practice, practice. Here’s the good news: Once you commit to being mindful, your world becomes infinitely richer. There are two ways to practice mindfulness, and they are equally important. The first is to set aside every day where you do NOTHING except train your brain to come back to the present moment. This is what we call meditation. We will be delighted to teach you how to do this in a session at Reiki Montreal. Book your session now to take advantage of this unique opportunity 514-360-3387.

We can give you the individual attention you need to learn mindfulness.

You can learn a few mindfulness meditations and use the individual attention to avoid your personal pitfalls. However, if you wished to commit a bit more, we highly recommend completing an Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program in addition to your energy therapy sessions at Reiki Montreal. You can see the curriculum & details here. 

The second is remembering to call yourself back to the present moment no matter what you are doing. If you are walking, walk. Feel the sensations in your feet, in your legs. If you are listening, listen. Be there for whoever is talking. Fully. All day, remind yourself to come back to the present moment. Whenever you stray, be kind to yourself, we all do! of course! Just come back.

The principles of mindfulness are embedded in all the energy techniques we use at Reiki Montreal.

The benefits from it will be felt whoever you are. We can teach you how to do a few formal meditations. The advantage of working with someone individually is that they can give you the exact mindfulness meditation that would be most beneficial for you, specifically, depending on your energetic configuration.  Book your individual consultation now at 514-360-3387 or by e-mailing info@reikimontreal.org  

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