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Reiki Montreal Coming Up

Coming Up

I love innovating. I love creating. I LOVE coming up with new services that you might just adore.

However, it all takes planning and time and organization to pull it off. Help me out? Let me know where I should focus my energy and what I should make into an amazing service by sending me a quick message down below!

1. Courses

Reiki is an amazing thing to learn and to use for your own healing. I regularly get calls from people who would love nothing more than to get initiated. I am able to give initiations, but am currently working on fine-tuning my teaching skills. Interested in a Reiki I class? Let me know below.

(I will also send you information on upcoming reiki classes by my own teacher, who I highly recommend).

2. Programs Either Incorporating or Entirely With Online Sessions

Energy work doesn’t need to be done in the same room. To cut down on transportation time, skype sessions could be wonderful. Especially for people who feel stuck and could benefit mostly from the mindful body conversations. Let me know if you’re interested.

3. In-home Service

It would be wonderful to get your reiki sessions right at home, wouldn’t it? It would significantly reduce the stress of it. Especially if you’re very ill and need many sessions.

4. Mount-Royal Soul Walks

Here’s an idea I had, that I’m super happy to test this Fall if I see there’s a lot of interest.

You and I would do a 2 hour hike on the Mount-Royal. We would weave in meditation, visualization, get in contact with the wisdom of the body, the wisdom of nature and pose the deep soul questions you’re requiring to stop feeling lost. Does this sound good? Let me know!

If You Want To See Any Of These Happen, Do This:

Get Excited + Tell Me About It Here!

(& maybe, just maybe you’ll get the service for free if you’re willing to let me test it with you!)

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