Healing Packages at Reiki Montreal

In the chart below are all my packages. For a more pleasant shopping experience, I highly recommend you check out the options below depending on what you’re looking for. Click on the image for a more personalized recommendation.

Choose one of the following. Are you looking to:


Other (Free) Offers:

I’m deeply passionate about healing and I believe it should be accessible to everyone – no matter their income. That’s why I’ve created some free offers as well.

1) 14-day Energy Shift Series.

You get an e-mail every day from me for 14 days. Every e-mail contains a spiritual principle, its implications and an action challenge. In the process you purify your chakras.

Join me and a group of special people in being the change we wish to see the world! It’s FREE.

2) The Blog

Perhaps all you need to unblock you is a new way of seeing things. I try to be diligent in writing down my insight and sharing my knowledge as freely as possible. Check it out!
ore specifically, you can get inspired, get informed, or take a challenge!

3) 30-minute Free Phone Consultation (1 per client).

4) Unlimited Free E-mail Consultation

Send me an e-mail with your questions at

Table Of All Healing Packages:


Sessions Regular: Reiki Only: 1hPremium:
Complete Energy Work: 1.5h
Benefits Price Savings
Free Complimentary Session (30 minutes on the phone) Gain Clarity On Which Package Is Best For You
& On Whether I Can Help You
Gain Clarity On Whether The Symptoms You’re Experiencing
Are Due To Spiritual Awakening
1 Premium Session  Get A Full Energy Session To SATISFY
Your Burning Curiosity About Reiki, Chakras & Energy
$115 $0
 Gain Clarity On A Tough Decision
Get Unstuck from an Emotional State Or From Procrastination
3 Premium Sessions  Clearing Past Blocks to Growth $295 $50
 Get Unstuck From an Emotional State Or From Procrastination
Get Moving Forward and Stop Being Stuck In the Past
3 Regular Sessions Monthly Reiki: Chakra Balancing $235  $35
 Find Out How Your Body Reacts To Reiki
 To Prepare or Recover From a Big Medical Procedure.
 5 Premium Sessions Getting Out of a Rut (with perhaps anxiety or depression)  $475*  $100
8 Premium Sessions Getting Out Of A Rut (with perhaps anxiety or depression) $740* $180
8 Regular Sessions Transition Out of your Chronic Illness. $585* $135
12 Premium Sessions When you’re completely stuck, nothing is working.
You want to be totally in touch with becoming YOU again.
$1095* $260
12 Regular Sessions Heal Your Chronic Illness Through Reiki $845* $235
20 Regular Sessions Heal Your Chronic Illness Through Reiki $1350* $450Payment Plans Are Available

* Payment Plans Are Available

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